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Our Art Curriculum is built on our vision of ‘Roots to Grow and Wings to Fly’ and reflects the needs of our community

It is our aim through Art that all pupils at By Brook Valley School will be

  • provided with opportunities that enable them to grow and develop as artists, building on their prior learning
  • supported to develop their knowledge and skills as they make their journey through their primary school education, ensuring that their creativity is inspired
  • curious, through exposure to a variety of artists, styles and media to challenge pupil’s thinking
  • encouraged to broaden their use of technical vocabulary
  • able to demonstrate and reflect their new knowledge and deeper understanding through the pieces of art they produce

Through the use of high quality texts we aim to inspire, inform and enlighten the pupil’s artistic understanding.    


In each year group children develop their skills in drawing, painting, print making, collage, textiles and 3D.  They will produce a variety of artwork independently.  The school has its own kiln for firing clay work.  Each year children also study the work of famous artists, designers and architects and explore some of the techniques which feature in their work.