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September-October 2018: Term 1 Weeks 2-5 

What a great few weeks we have had in our first term of Year 2!

Within KS1 we have focused on different aspects of generosity following our acrostic poem. We have enjoyed coming together for worship to discuss how we can show generosity.

In English so far we have looked at story writing and how to write a diary entry. We have had a great time writing our own stories and diary entries. 

In maths so far we have ordered and compared numbers, explored addition and subtraction and lots of word problems. We have used number lines, 100 squares, counters, blocks and lots of other resources to help us with our learning. This could also help you at home with your tricky maths learning. 

In RE we have continued to explore what it means to be kind, looking at stories from the Bible such as, The Healing Man and The Good Samaritan. We even created our own kindness story and enjoyed role playing our own stories as well as the stories from the Bible 

In PE we are still focusing on our football skills and are playing football themed games to help us!

We had a great harvest festival last week and enjoyed learning about harvest across the world. Thankyou for coming to watch us at the church and a special thankyou to the parents who helped us walk there and back! 

We look forward to seeing you at our phonics workshop next week!

Remember, pick and mix homework is due Friday 12th October :).

Keep up the hard work Kestrels!

Miss Reed x 


September 2018:  Term 1 Week 1

Welcome back to school Kestrels! What a great week we have had!

Our theme for this term in Worship is generosity! We have discussed with Falcons class what we think generosity is and how we can be generous. We will continue to explore this next week as a class and as a school. 

This week in English we wrote about what we did in our summer holidays. We also began to look at our book for this term, The Tin Forest. We made lots of predicitons and have come up with lots of great questions we would like to hopefully answer about The Tin Forest. 

In Maths this week we have been recapping place value and our hundreds, tens and units. We had great fun solving number problems using our place value knowledge. We also explored writing 2 digit numbers to show that we can write numbers using both letters and numerals. 

In RE we explored what it means to be kind and came up with some ways that we have been kind to others. This links to one of our homework challenges in the pick and mix for this term. We questioned whether everything on the internet is true in Computing this week and the children decided that there are lots of useful ways to use the internet, but that not everything on the internet is true. In Science we thought about the needs and wants of animals and humans, and discovered that different types of animals may need different things. We had lots of fun exploring the school grounds and aerial views in Geography, ready to help us create our aerial maps towards the end of term.

Creative Friday for us this week involved looking at how we may create our forest theme pictures and what a moving lever picture looks like, ready for us to make our forest moving lever pictures this term.

PE this week was lots of fun! We started Football and had a great time playing some football games, practicing our dribbling, teamwork skills and footwork. 

Show and Tell was brilliant this week! Don't forget next weeks team for show and tell is Green Group. 

Homework was given out earlier this week, but still isn't due until next week. Keep reading at home and practicing your spellings :). 

The first week back was super! Keep up the good work Kestrels! :)

Miss Reed x