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Our Computing Curriculum is built on our vision of ‘Roots to Grow and Wings to Fly’ and reflects the needs of our community

It is our aim through computing that all pupils at By Brook Valley School will be

  • provided with opportunities that enable them to grow and develop confidence in their use and understanding of technology, building on their prior computing learning, with a focus on online safety.
  • supported to develop their computing knowledge and skills as they make their journey through their primary school education, ensuring that their learning is relevant to all areas of their life.
  • curious, through real life application. We will challenge pupils’ thinking, which will be revisited.
  • encouraged to broaden their use of computing vocabulary.
  • able to demonstrate  their new knowledge and deeper understanding through independent challenges and tasks.

Reading plays a central part in computing. Through the use of a range of online sources we aim to challenge the pupils, building on vocabulary so that it can be used in all areas of their learning.


The use of technology has become a key skill in our rapidly changing world.  At By Brook we teach children specific computer skills which are then used to support learning in all areas of the curriculum.

The Reception class and Key Stage 1 classes have access to 'Fizzbooks', these are mini-laptops that have a variety of programs on including 2Paint, 2CreateAStory and 2Type. Key Stage 2 classes have access to laptops with programs including Microsoft Office, Scratch and access to filtered Internet services. We aslo have two iPad trolleys that contain 30 iPads. These have a variety of apps that support learning in Maths, Geography, English, Music and Coding. They also have access to filtered Internet services. 

Children are taught safe use of the Internet and are protected through a security system which prevents access to inappropriate sites.  We take part in Safer Internet Day every year and use resources from the NSPCC to advise parents and children on how to use technology safely. 

All classrooms and the school hall are equipped with an interactive white board and visualiser.