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Design Technology


Our DT Curriculum is built on our vision of ‘Roots to Grow and Wings to Fly’ and reflects the needs of our community.

It is our aim that all pupils at By Brook Valley School will be

  • provided with opportunities that enable them to grow and develop as designers, building on their prior learning
  • supported to develop their knowledge and skills as they make their journey through their primary school education, ensuring that their DT learning is relevant to all areas of their life.
  • curious, by exploring the importance of design technology within the modern world .
  • encouraged to broaden their use of technical vocabulary in their DT learning
  • able to demonstrate  their new knowledge and deeper understanding through design, creation and evaluation

Reading plays a central part in DT learning. Through the use of high quality texts the children will understand the importance of clear instructions, study past and present designers and develop their DT vocabulary.


DT is taught through topics so children can experience the whole process from design through to the making and evaluation of a finished product.  Key skills, such as different ways to join materials, are taught discretely and then applied in context.  Through the curriculum, children develop their knowledge and understanding of materials and components, mechanisms and control systems, existing products and quality.