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Our Maths Curriculum is built on our vision of ‘Roots to Grow and Wings to Fly’ and reflects the needs of our community.

It is our aim through Maths that all pupils at By Brook Valley School will be

  • provided with opportunities that enable them to grow and develop as mathematicians, building on their prior learning
  • supported to develop their knowledge and skills as they make their journey through their primary school education, ensuring that their mathematical knowledge is underpinned through conceptual understanding
  • curious, through exposure to a variety of real life examples of maths and making links in other areas of the curriculum, for example measuring accurately in DT and cooking and reading graphs and charts in science
  • encouraged to broaden their use of technical vocabulary and apply it through regular opportunities in problem solving and reasoning
  • able to demonstrate and reflect their new knowledge and deeper understanding through challenges in the classroom to “prove it” and “convince” other learners


Mathematics is a key life skill and we therefore aim to develop knowledge, skills and understanding of mathematics linking these to real life problems and practical applications.  We use White Rose Maths hub along with a range of practica resources to support our teaching and learning. Emphasis is put on developing an understanding of number and calculation skills as these underpin all other areas of mathematics.  From year 1 onwards, children will learn their times tables and practise mental calculation skills each day.  This develops confidence and extends their reasoning and thinking skills as well as their ability to select the appropriate mathematics to tackle more complex problems as they move through the school.