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Physical Education


Our Physical Education Curriculum is built on our vision of ‘Roots to Grow and Wings to Fly’ and reflects the needs of our community

It is our aim through Physical Education that all pupils at By Brook Valley will be

  • provided with sporting opportunities that enable them to grow and develop as athletes, building on their prior active experiences
  • supported to develop their knowledge and skills to be able to develop healthy bodies and healthy minds
  • curious, through a variety of opportunities to develop a passion for health and fitness
  • encouraged to broaden their use of scientific and technical vocabulary
  • able to deepen their knowledge and understanding of sports through application and technique

Reading plays a central part to Physical Education. Children are developing their skills and knowledge through high quality texts by following rules and instructions, understanding the history of games and tournaments and discovering information about key sporting events.


All children engage in at least two hours of PE every week.  The curriculum covers dance, games, gymnastics and athletics.  In addition to this Year 3 pupils go swimming at the local pool in Corsham where they are taught to swim or develop their swimming technique by a qualified instructor.  The school also encourages children to engage in physical activity at break times through its ‘Huff and Puff’ and ‘Wake and Shake’ schemes.  Year 6 pupils are trained as Young Leaders and they motivate and engage children in activities during the lunch break.  During the summer months, KS2 pupils benefit from professional cricket coaching under the ‘Chance to Shine’ initiative which is part of the strong partnership that the school has with Biddestone Cricket club.

By Brook has a wide variety of sporting after school clubs many of which are run by professional coaches.