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Reading plays a central part in all teaching and learning and is embedded in every curriculum area. Through the use of high quality texts,  including poetry and non-fiction, we aim to challenge the pupils, building on vocabulary so that it can be used in all areas of their learning.


From the beginning of your child’s time at By Brook Valley, we aim to foster a love of reading.  In the foundation phase and key stage 1 we teach reading through synthetic phonics combined with key word recognition of phonically irregular words.  Our reading programme uses a variety of published reading schemes and is enhanced with a wide variety of other high quality fiction and non-fiction written specifically for children. Talking about books and stories supports children in reading for meaning and this is a crucial part of all individual and group reading sessions throughout the school.  In key stage 2 your child will also begin to demonstrate their understanding of what they have read through more formal reading comprehension exercises.

Parents are actively encouraged to take part in this vital process by listening to their child read at home, reading stories to them and showing their child reading is fun through letting their children see them reading themselves.  A reading record is sent between home and school so both teachers and parents can communicate and record progress.