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Reading Intent Statement

Roots to grow and wings to fly

Our vision underpins everything we do at By Brook Valley and this is evident in our approach to reading, where we endeavour to give the children the necessary roots to be able to read fluently and in doing so foster a love of reading so that the children are able to fly, making their own choices and being able to share and discuss a wide range of texts.

It is our aim that all children:

  • Gain a life-long enjoyment of reading and books.
  • Read accurately, fluently and with understanding;
  • Apply a knowledge of structured synthetic phonics in order to decode unfamiliar words with increasing accuracy and speed;
  • Be able to read with expression, clarity and confidence;
  • Develop a good linguistic knowledge of vocabulary and grammar;
  • Read and respond to a wide range of different types of texts;
  • Develop a deeper level of emotional intelligence and empathy;
  • Read fluently, and with confidence, in any subject in their forthcoming secondary education;
  • Are prepared for the next stage of their educational journey.


This will all be done through reading schemes that support phonic development and through the use of high quality texts including both fiction and non-fiction.

As children progress through their learning we will focus on the necessary decoding skills (being able to read individual sounds and words), taught through the ‘Sounds Write’ phonic programme throughout the school, comprehension skills so that children are able to discuss in detail what they are reading, and enjoyment of a range of books so that children come to love reading. 

Reading is a key part of all learning, ensuring that this is a skill that is valued by all adults and children. It is our aim that all children are inspired by the texts and that these texts add to the curriculum and the learning journey of all pupils.