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Summer 2 Week 5

We have had a busy week in Ospreys.

In maths, we have been learning about right angles, acute and obtuse angles. We noticed lots of these angles around the classroom. We have also been learning about different types of lines, such as horizontal, vertical, parallel and perpendicular.

In English, we have been continuing our learning about writing persuasive letters. We have been using the book 'The Day the Crayons Quit' and helping the red crayon to improve his letter. We then went into groups and were allocated a different crayon and each group had to persuade the other groups why they were the best crayon. We had a brilliant debate with great persuasive ideas. Green crayon won!

In RE, we continued our learning about Hinduism, and we learnt about the story of Shiva and Ganges.

We learnt all about the twelfth night in history when Alfred the Great was attacked by the Vikings in Chippenham. We discussed the impact this had at the time and what happened afterwards.

In PSHE we have been looking at what makes us unique and that all our differences are special. We discussed that nobody should be treated differently for any reason and that everyone is equal.

We have been practising for our music show which we will perform for the rest of the school on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to this.

On Wednesday, parents are invited to come into class to look at their child's work. We also have Gallery night where you can see artwork that has been created by the whole school.

Our turnaround days start on Thursday and will continue on Friday and the following Monday. Please go to your new classroom on these days.

We really enjoyed watching the Owls class assembly on Friday. They were very cute but were amazing!

Please continue to read 5x a week as part of home learning as well as practising spellings and times tables.

Have a great weekend.

Miss Boddy :)