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Week 5 4.5.20

Dear Falcons,

Here we go with another week. It is only four days this week! You get a holiday on Friday, as it is Bank Holiday.  On Friday, the whole country will be remembering the 75th Anniversary of VE day and some of the activities this week are based around this. So we are taking a sort break from the Great Fire of London and Samuel Pepys and we will be taking a trip to Europe instead and focusing on a few Geography skills.

Can you remember the 7 different continents? 

I would like you to find out a bit about Europe this week- what countries do you know that are in Europe, what facts do you know about them? Quiz your family what do they know.

I have put together an album of some of the wonderful pictures you have been sending me, have a look through them. I especially like all the smiling faces. Please keep sending me your pictures, especially if I haven't put one of yours on yet.

For those of you who are interested, Bath Spa University are running an art competition for children aged 5-16. Head over to this website for more information and to enter:

Take care and keep smiling,

Mrs Hulford