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Please check back each Friday for our weekly blog updates.

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  • Summer 2 Week 2

    Published 14/06/24, by Eleanor Slaney
    This week in Owls we were joined by Miss Rebecca! Miss Rebecca completed a week of work experience in Owls Class and was an absolute joy to have. The children had a wonderful week, and we want to give a big 'thank you' to Rebecca for all her
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  • Summer 2 Week 1

    Published 07/06/24, by Eleanor Slaney
    It has been lovely to welcome the Owls back to school these last three days! I cannot quite believe we are into our final half-term!  We arrived to quite a shock on Wednesday morning - there was a crime scene in the classroom! Someone had mes
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  • Summer 1 Week 6

    Published 24/05/24, by Eleanor Slaney
    And just like that, we've reached another half term! We had a fabulous last week this Summer 1. We kicked things off with a brilliant Explorer Dome Science Show, all about the Science of Bubbles! The children learnt why bubbles sometimes float an
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  • Summer 1 Week 5

    Published 17/05/24, by Eleanor Slaney
    This week Owls completed their first proper 'Hot Write'! This meant they completed a piece of writing completely independently after practising the day before on a 'Cold Write'. The whole school shared a story called Tuesday by David
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  • Summer 1 Week 4

    Published 10/05/24, by Eleanor Slaney
    This week the Owls said goodbye to our butterflies! After watching them grow from tiny caterpillars, to very fat caterpillars, to becoming chrysalises, to finally becoming butterflies, it was time to release them to the wild. We took our snack time o
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  • Summer 1 Week 3

    Published 03/05/24, by Eleanor Slaney
    What a busy and wonderful week Owls have had!  We began the week with some more planting and growing. After checking in on our cress and seeing it had grown beautifully, we tasted a bit and talked about what we could see, smell and taste. The
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  • Summer 1 Week 2

    Published 26/04/24, by Eleanor Slaney
    It has been another lovely week in Owls class this week!  Our highlight of the week was having a visit from Tania (Tom's mum), who kindly helped us to plant some strawberry plants around our outside area! The children loved doing some mor
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  • Summer 1 Week 1

    Published 22/04/24, by Eleanor Slaney
    It was lovely to see the sun shining in our first week back this term!  Owls have made a start on our new topic 'New Life'. We went on a 'Spring life hunt' around the school grounds to find signs of new life. The children foun
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  • Spring 2 Week 6

    Published 27/03/24, by Eleanor Slaney
    We managed to fit an awful lot into our last three days of Spring Term in Owls this week!  To conclude our topic on Around the World, we took part in our own 'real-life' flight! We were visited by an Air Steward who talked us through
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  • Spring 2 Week 5

    Published 22/03/24, by Eleanor Slaney
    What another busy week in Owls class! This week we travelled to Japan. We learnt that it is in the continent of Asia and that they speak Japanese. We looked at pictures of Japan and used adjectives to describe what we could see. The children talked a
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  • Spring 2 Week 4

    Published 15/03/24, by Eleanor Slaney
    This week the Owls travelled to Antarctica! We learnt the difference between a country and a continent, and used our researching skills to find out facts about Antarctica. We found out that Antarctica is not only cold, it is the coldest and windiest
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  • Spring 2 Week 3

    Published 08/03/24, by Eleanor Slaney
    Owls have absolutely loved World Book Week this week! We did lots to celebrate. The main talk of the school was the door decoration! Our class read 'The Koala Who Could' (more on that later) and so made leaves out of handprints and collaged/p
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