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Please check back each Friday for our weekly blog updates.

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  • Autumn 2 Week 5

    Published 01/12/23, by Eleanor Slaney
    What an exciting week in Owls it has been this week!  On Monday, a mysterious box appeared in the classroom with a delivery for Owls Class. We were instructed not to open it before Friday. The Owls were so excited to predict what might be ins
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  • Autumn 2 Week 4

    Published 24/11/23, by Eleanor Slaney
    This week Owls have celebrated Diwali! The week began with a very exciting delivery. The children found a box full of exciting and new things! We had gems and chalk, new foods, some candles, cards and books! Over the course of the week we used the di
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  • Autumn 2 Week 3

    Published 17/11/23, by Eleanor Slaney
    This week has been Anti-Bullying Week. The children have done lots of learning about how to be kind, what makes a good friend, what to do if someone isn't being kind and what makes them all special and unique! We kicked the week off by wearing
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  • Autumn 2 Week 2

    Published 09/11/23, by Eleanor Slaney
    This week we have continued our learning about fireworks! We used different materials to stamp firework pictures onto black paper and used chalk to add detail. We looked at last week's salt firework art that we made and learnt about adjectives, u
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  • Autumn 2 Week 1

    Published 03/11/23, by Eleanor Slaney
    It has been lovely to welcome the children back this week after a break over half-term!  This week, we have been exploring fireworks! We have been creating firework patterns in glitter, using chalk to draw fireworks onto black paper and even
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  • Autumn 1 Week 7

    Published 18/10/23, by Eleanor Slaney
    And that is it! Owls have completed their first half-term at school!  Even though this final week was just two days, we still packed a lot in. The owls have been enjoying a variety of pumpkin-based activities, including painting pumpkins, pai
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  • Autumn 1 Week 6

    Published 13/10/23, by Eleanor Slaney
    Owls have had a really brilliant week this week and worked very hard!  In our writing we were learning about rhyming words. We spoke about how a rhyming word is a word that 'sounds the same at the end to another word' such as dog and
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  • Autumn 1 Week 5

    Published 09/10/23, by Eleanor Slaney
    The big news for this week is how wonderfully all the Owls did at their Harvest Festival Celebration! Well done everyone. I was so proud of every single child for how beautifully they sang and sat in church, for using their big brave voices when talk
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  • Autumn 1 Week 4

    Published 29/09/23, by Eleanor Slaney
    Another week completed in Owls class!  The children have been continuing their Harvest Festival practise and are very excited to see as many of you as possible there next week at 9:30 on Thursday at Yatton Keynall Church for our Harvest Festi
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  • Autumn 1 Week 3

    Published 22/09/23, by Eleanor Slaney
    Another fabulous week in Owls Class! This week was the first week of full days and the children did absolutely incredibly well, especially with beginning their phonics sessions. This week, and next week, we are looking at the sounds m, a an
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  • Autumn 1 Week 2

    Published 15/09/23, by Eleanor Slaney
    This week our Owls class began their full days at school! The children have done a marvellous job at adapting to the longer days (although I imagine many will sleep well tonight), and we have packed lots in to this week.  In maths, we explore
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  • Autumn 1 Week 1

    Published 09/09/23, by Eleanor Slaney
    Massive congratulations to all the Owls children for completing their first week at school! And what a wonderful week it has been. The children have been settling into the class, exploring their classroom, making new friends, going on their first Wel
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