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Autumn 2 Week 2

This week we have continued our learning about fireworks! We used different materials to stamp firework pictures onto black paper and used chalk to add detail. We looked at last week's salt firework art that we made and learnt about adjectives, using adjectives to describe what our artwork looked or felt like. The children were brilliant at thinking up lots of different describing words to talk about their art! We had 'bumpy', 'crispy' and 'crunchy' to describe the texture of the salt, along with 'colourful', 'sparkly' and 'beautiful' to describe what they looked like! The children are working hard to use the phonics knowledge and sound mats to find the sounds they need to make words. Well done Owls! 

In maths, we learnt what a repeating pattern is. The children then had a go at using materials we could find outside on our Welly Walk to make their own repeating pattern! The children found leaves, sticks and pine cones and made some wonderful patterns. We continued our learning about repeating patterns inside the classroom, using beads and cubes to make our own ABAB patterns. The children also loved taking part in a game on the TV where they had to choose the right coloured shape to complete a repeating pattern! 
We added design sheets, books, hard-hats and high visibility jackets to our construction area this week and the children have loved it! They have taken their roles as designers and builders very seriously and I have been so impressed by their desire to collaborate on projects and work together, sharing ideas and supporting one another. 

Today, to bring our firework learning to a close, we had a special treat of making, baking and decorating firework biscuits! The children worked in small groups to follow a recipe, combine the ingredients and bake some biscuits. They then enjoyed decorating them with icing and sprinkles to look like fireworks! 

In PE this week, the children began hockey! They had to use their hockey stick to try and control a ball and move around cones on the playground. The wind definitely added some challenge to this, but they persevered wonderfully! 

Well done to our TWO stars of the week this week! (due to last week's year 4 class assembly, last week's star was given our in assembly this week, so we were able to celebrate two children's efforts!). Camilla was our first star of the week, for always showing kindness and consideration for others. Luchia was our second star, as every day she has an exemplary attitude to learning! Well done Camilla and Luchia. 
Congratulations also to those children who ran for student council! You really impressed me with your confidence to speak in front of your peers and your wonderful reasons for wanting to be a part of the school council. The votes are in and Mrs Henshall shall be announcing the elected members next week during our Anti-Bullying assembly! 

A few reminders about next week! We will be focussing our learning on anti-bullying week and covering lots of different PSHE topics with the children, including how to be a kind friend and what to do if someone is being unkind. 

On Monday we are wearing odd socks to celebrate difference, and on Friday we will get to wear our pyjamas to school to raise money for Children in Need! We ask that you pay a donation via the parent pay link that was sent out in the most recent school newsletter. 

Have a wonderful weekend and see you all next week with your odd socks!