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Hospital week.....

Another very exciting week in Owls. This week we have been learning about how doctors and nurses look after us when we are poorly. Xanthe and Dora's Mummy very kindly came in to talk to Owls about being a surgeon. We learnt a lot about operations!

In our literacy sessions we wrote questions to ask Dora and Xanthe's Mummy. Owls are applying their phonic knowledge to their writing.

In maths, we investigated what a pair was and if we could count 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 in pairs onto a ten frame. We had lots of fun with practical activities and even created our own ten frames outside with natural objects.

On our walk today, we collected natural objects to make our own medicines. Owls had lots of fun mixing leaves, bark, grass and coloured water to create a medicine. The children discussed what their medicines would treat and why we need medicines. We used words such as full, half full, nearly full, nearly empty and empty to describe how full our containers were.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Nicholas