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  • Summer Term 2 Week 5

    Published 05/07/24, by Molly Hamilton

    Forest school fun!



    This week Kestrels have had lots of fun learning. This has involved learning to tell the time, writing invitations for our KS1 tea party, as well as why it is important to be hygienic!

    We have started our new topic on time in maths! The children have had fun getting to grips with how a clock works and what each hand means. They are confident in recognising if it is half past or o'clock and have started to recognise quarter to and quarter past. Continuous practise of this at home will help with this!

    In science, we have been learning about how to keep ourselves healthy! This week we asked the question why is it important to be hygienic? We discussed the importance of washing our hands to stay clean and why we need to prevent germs from spreading. Practically, we showed the steps involved in washing our hands properly. The children then started to make posters explaining why we should wash our hands and how to do it! 

    In our last full week of term, Kestrels are planning to have a tea party with Falcons! We have discussed and written about what we will need for this and why. Next week, we plan to write invitations to Falcons inviting them to join us and explaining where they need to be and when! We are really looking forward to this.

    We had our final forest school session with Mr Summers. The children got stuck in when building dens! They were split into two teams, and they had to build a den with materials provided. Both teams worked collaboratively to successfully build their dens, ending with a toasted marshmallow as a reward! 

    Thank you for another fantastic week, Kestrels!

    Remember that next Thursday and Friday are turnaround! I have given the children spellings to practise over two weeks.

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Miss Hamilton :)

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