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Autumn 1 Week 6

Lots of performing!

Thank you for a great last full week of learning!

We have had lots of fun this week practising and performing in different subjects!

Highlights of the week:

In English, we have been working towards writing a diary entry. This week we planned our final piece and then wrote our hot write. They all tried really hard on this, and I am very impressed!

In PE, we were practising mirroring and how we could mirror each other by doing different movements. The children had time to come up with a sequence of movements in partners where they mirrored each other and then performed these to the rest of the class. 

We have enjoyed Maths this week. The children worked really hard in each lesson and understood the learning focus. We have been able to find our number bonds to 100!

Today we enjoyed learning about fire safety and what we would do if there was an emergency! The children practised the steps they would take if there was an emergency and performed these too! Try this with your child.

We have two days left this term, I will be sending homework folders back home on Tuesday with spellings to practice over the holidays. Please can I remind you that it is important that the children practice their spellings every day as well as reading - even if it is just for five minutes! 

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Hamilton :)