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Autumn Term 2 Week 2

Week 2!

It has been a busy week in Kestrels!

We have done lots of amazing work in Year 2 this week, and I was so impressed to hear that all the children were on their best behaviour even when I was out of the class for a day!

Highlights of the week:

We started looking at narratives in English and, just like detectives, we picked out all the features in a story book! The children enjoyed listening to and analysing 'The Scarecrows Wedding' and were able to identify many features including the characters, setting, problem and resolution! Next week we are going to be planning and writing our very own story! 

In History this week we discussed certain questions we would want to ask Samuel Pepys if he were still alive! The children came up with questions such as - How did you feel when you were in the Great Fire of London? Did you enjoy your job? Etc. We then got into character and took it in turns to be in the hot seat as Samuel Pepys and were able to ask those questions that we had come up with!  The children took this seriously and thought carefully about what questions they wanted to ask, as well as how they should respond!

In science, we have started to look at what experiments to do with materials and have decided we want to find out which materials are waterproof and which are not. In this week's lesson we explored different materials and discussed how they felt. We then predicted whether each one would be waterproof or not, before we do our experiment next week! 

Finally, in Art, we carried on looking at Tudor houses and started to design our own. We did this by drawing our outline of the house on a piece of card, cutting it out, adding the windows and door with a ruler and making patterns on these, then finishing them off with black strips of paper to create the distinguished look of a Tudor house! The children enjoyed being creatively free with the design of their house and used a steady hand when using their rulers and scissors! In the coming weeks we are going to be building our own Tudor houses - in order to do this we will need a cereal box for each child... If you have any spare empty cereal boxes at home, please bring these in as they will come in very useful. Thank you! 

Star of the week: Gabriel! For excellent effort and always showing he is ready to learn!

Last week's Star: Josh T! Well done Josh you have been working really hard since coming back from half term and showing you want to do your best!


- Reading 5x a week

- PE Mondays and Wednesdays

- Next week is Anti-bullying week, on Monday it is odd sock day and on Friday it is Pyjama day for Children in Need. Please bring in £1 for this!

- Empty cereal boxes for Tudor houses!

- Homework has been sent home with spellings, please bring homework folders back in on Thursday.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Hamilton :)