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Autumn Term 2 Week 3

Anti-bullying week!

This week has been jam-packed full of anti-bullying activities that the children have been fully invested in. 

On Monday we started the week with national kindness day.  In aid of this, the children wore odd socks to emphasise how we are all different and special in our own way. The children had a bingo card to complete throughout the week, where they were able to tick off an act of kindness once they had completed it. As well as this, we enjoyed playing circle games that involved appreciating others, and then we went off and made cards for others in the class complementing one another. 

Throughout the week we have been making bees! These are to go up in the school corridor to emphasise our anti-bullying motto: 'Be kind. Be brave. Value everyone.' These have involved the children having to precisely paint, glue and cut to achieve the final product. These will look great once they are all put up in school!

We also spoke about what to do if we experience or see bullying happening ourselves. We agreed that we should talk to our trusted adults. In order for the children to recognise who their trusted adults were, we drew around our hands and put 5 of our trusted adults in each finger, then wrote in the middle qualities in which our trusted adults have, such as being trustworthy, kindness, empathy etc. 

To end the week, we were able to show off all of our hard work in assembly. The children proudly took in something they had done this week that they were proud of to show the rest of the school. This afternoon we finished off our 2D Tudor houses, which all turned out fantastic! The children are ready now to start on their 3D Tudor houses. 

Star of the Week: Ewan! Ewan comes into school each morning with a smile on his face and gets on with his task straight away to set an example for the rest of the class. Well done!


If you have any spare cereal boxes for the Tudor houses, please bring these in!

Children have had homework sent home. However, we did not have a chance to do our spelling check today, so this has been delayed until Monday!

The children have had their Nativity lines sent home with them. Please practice these with your child!

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Hamilton :)