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Autumn Term 2 Week 7

Nativity and Christmas dinner week!

The children have done so well this week! They all performed amazingly in the Nativity and managed to do it three times for family and friends. Well done all, you were brilliant!

On Thursday, we had a delicious Christmas dinner, followed by some refreshing ice cream! The children all sat at long tables with one another and were able to socialise whilst eating their lunch, which was accompanied by Christmas crackers! The children enjoyed reading the jokes from these to each other! To celebrate the special occasion, the children throughout the whole school made hats that they wore during lunch! We used lots of different materials to make these and the children looked great!

In music this week we have been using our knowledge of rhythm and tempo to create a cup song to the song 'Sleigh ride', Everyone's perspective version! We practised this week and eventually performed it for some of the children from Falcons! It was tricky, but with practise the children managed very well! Ask your child to teach you!

The children have also been scientists this week! 

We have finally done our experiment where we tested if all materials were waterproof or not! In pairs, the children had to use pipets and fill them with water to squeeze onto different materials to test if they were waterproof or not. They then had to record this in their books. As a class, we came to the conclusion that not all materials are waterproof and that metal and plastic seem to be the most waterproof as they do not absorb any water at all. 

We have three days left before the Christmas break! Please can I remind you that the children need to bring coats as it is very chilly outside! 

Another reminder that we will be finishing at 2pm on Wednesday 20th.

Thank you all for your donations to the food bank! We have had so many generous donations and this will help a lot of people during a tricky time of the year.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Hamilton :)