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Spring Term 1 Week 4

Lots of learning about weather!

This week has flown by with the children continuing to work hard and enthusiastically.

Highlights of the week:

In English, the children completed their final pieces of writing, which was poetic and factual. The children planned this out carefully and wrote on their paintings with care and purpose. They all look fantastic, and the children should be very proud. They look like they could all be in a book!

In Maths this week we finished our topic on shapes! The children know all about 2D and 3D shapes, how to identify them and what their features are. Next week we are starting fractions!

In RE, we looked at similarities and differences in Muslim prayer and Christian prayer. The children watched two videos and made separate mind maps to show the features of prayer in each faith. We then spoke about what is similar and what is different. The children were surprised at how many similarities there were!

Science has been exciting this week as we were learning about how exercise impacts the body and why humans need to exercise! The children did their own exercises and noted down how they felt before and how they felt afterwards. We had a worn-out class by the end of the lesson! We noticed that our heart rate got faster, and our bodies felt warmer! However, we discovered that if we exercise, our brains will get more blood pumped into it, and it will help us concentrate on our work!

In Geography, we have been keeping a weather diary throughout the week and to finish it off we went on a weather walk! The children loved getting their coats and wellies on to go outside and see what we could find out about the weather and what we needed to look at to tell what it was like. We looked at the ground and how it felt, the sky, the trees, we could feel the wind, as well as notice what people were wearing in this type of weather. It was a lovely sunny day, but we noticed there was still a breeze which made us slightly chilly!

Reminder about reading! Children should read at home at least 5 times a week! They read at school, but they also need to do a bit every day at home. 

Star of the Week: Maya! Maya went above and beyond by practising her poetic writing about weather at home.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Hamilton :)