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Spring Term 1 Week 5

We had some more visitors!


This week we have learnt lots as well as had a visit from some special people!

Police officers came to By Brook to talk to the children all about their job and how they keep us safe! The children prepared questions to ask as well as got to try on uniform and see the police car! We found out why there are different sirens and what they mean!

In PSHE, the children worked in groups to create a 'garden of dreams and goals'. This included everything the children in the group believed would belong in their garden. They then stood in front of the class to present their work and to talk about why they included specific things. For example, a cricket pitch!

In English this week we have been exploring everything about acrostic poems! The children are able to identify the features of an acrostic poem as well as plan and write one of their own. We wrote our own acrostic poem as a class about thunder! The children have all successfully written their own acrostic poems about weather too. 

In Geography, we looked at the 5 oceans on the planet. The children ordered them from largest to smallest and located them all on a map! 

The children also had fun making their own waves with straws and water. They realised that the more powerful the wind, the bigger the waves would be.

We have one more week until half-term! Can we still make sure the children are reading at least 5 times a week as well as their homework. Even if the children don't complete everything, a little can go a long way!

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Hamilton :)