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Spring Term 1 Week 6

Last week before half term!

This last week of term we have had lots of fun!

In English this week we have been looking at posters and creating our own. First the children looked around the classroom for posters and what stood out to them. We discussed that they all had titles, pictures, subheadings, and a purpose! Intertwined with Science, the children researched facts about a certain animal that they were going to create their poster on. They used a variety of books from the library and skills of using google search to help them with this. Their posters looked great and included all the appropriate features.


In maths we started looking at money! The children can succesfully distinguish different values of money and calculate the total amount of several coins and notes! All children have been focused and interested in their maths learning this week and I am seeing massive improvements thoughout the whole class!

We have done lots of art this week! Firstly we tried out making lighter and darker shades of one colour with paint. We found out that if we add a little bit of black to a colour, it will make it a darker shade, and if we add white to a colour it will go lighter! The children then created a patterned picture using one colour but different shades! This was to prepare for the final piece of work that we did later in the week.

Each child has created a 'Stormy Seascape' to compliment our topic on Weather! The children used different painting skills to help them complete this and were able to follow instructions clearly. They all look great! 

In Georgraphy this week, the children enjoyed tasting different foods from around the world! They tried food from countries such as France, Poland, England, India, Netherlands and Japan! They had to fill out a table and guess which food belonged to each country. 

The children had a fun 'Flip it Friday' and I enjoyed all of the childrens outifts! 

I hope you all have a lovely half term!

Keep reading 5x a week and practicing spellings!

Miss Hamilton :)