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Spring Term 2 Week 4

Comic relief!

We have had another brilliant week in Kestrels!

The children have been using their poetry skills to plan and write Easter poems for our upcoming Easter service! The children worked well and collaboratively on these, and we can't wait to share them with friends and family!

We have continued learning our topic of multiplication and division in maths! The children used materials to help their learning. They can share amounts into equal groups and show how this would look like a multiplication or division sentence. We also looked at arrays and used these to complete multiplication sentences. The children even sorted themselves into arrays, by getting into equal rows and columns!

We have had a fantastic red nose day, where all the children came to school in their own clothes. The children also brought in a joke to tell! One of my favourites was: Why did the chicken cross the playground?........ To get to the other slide!

Star of the Week: Nell! Nell consistently tries her best, both inside and out of the classroom! Well done Nell.

Homework this week is spelling and reading as well as TTRS when you have time. We had a record number of children in Kestrels that read 5x this week! Let's keep this up! 

The children should have also brought home their lines to practise for the Easter service.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Hamilton :)