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Spring Term 2 Week 5

Last full week before Easter!

In English this week we have started our topic of writing instructions! The children were asked to write a set of instructions for Mrs Slade to follow because she wanted to make a sandwich! We then read out some of the instructions to see if Mrs Slade could successfully make her sandwich! The children enjoyed this and we had a good laugh!

We have discussed features needed for writing instructions and these included bossy verbs! The children have been very bossy this week, and we made a mind map of lots of bossy verbs that the children came up with which will help the children with their assessed writing next week!

In PE, the children have been practising their underarm throwing. In partners, they completed different throwing activities and eventually came up with a throwing game that involved bean bags and cones. They then shared their games with other groups. 

The children worked hard in maths this week as we continued multiplication and division. They are able to double and half numbers now too! 

Homework this week is to practise their lines for the Easter service next week. This is taking place in the school hall on Wednesday 27th at 9:30am. I have also sent a maths sheet home for the children to have a go at, which consolidates what we have been learning this week. I will send home spellings on Wednesday for the children to complete over the Easter break. 

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Hamilton :)