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Summer Term 1 Week 2

Kestrels have had a fun week at school! 

We continued learning about 'The Queen's Hat' and practised writing our own sentences, which included ambitious vocabulary, expanded noun phrases and conjunctions! The children are all ready to innovate the story and make it their own next week. 

In Science, we checked on our broad beans. Most of the beans had started to grow and sprouted, so we could see the roots growing! The children wrote about how their bean had changed and predicted what it might look like in a weeks' time. 

We have finished our multiplication and division topic in maths! The children have worked really hard on this and are capable of solving multiplication and division questions. They enjoyed testing their knowledge through the game Karate Cats Maths on BBC Bitesize. I would recommend they try this at home too, to help retain all of their hard work!  

In music, we enjoyed learning another folk song! This week it was Lavenders blue. We discussed that this song is about being in the countryside. The children thought about all the different noises we might hear in the countryside and then replicated them to make a countryside soundscape using their voices, percussion instruments, their bodies, as well as objects from the classroom. 

In history, we continued our topic on Queen Elizabeth II. This week our learning question was: Who is the royal family? We looked at the royal family tree and discussed who was who and how they were related. 

Homework this week is to continue to read 5 times as well as practise spellings. Try out the maths game too!

Have a lovely weekend and see you next week!

Miss Hamilton :)