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Summer Term 1 Week 3

Week 3!

This week we have loved our learning!

In maths this week, the children have started to learn about measurements! We now know how to measure in centimetres, metres and grams! The children used rulers to draw shapes of different lengths and heights, as well as measure the length of objects in the classroom!

In English, the children planned their own stories based on The Queen's Hat. To embed this, they also started to draw out their own story maps which they will create actions for next week, to prepare them to write their stories!

In history, the children answered the question 'Who was Queen Elizabeth'. They did this by looking at her life and creating a timeline of significant events. This included when she was born, her marriage to Prince Philip, as well as her Platinum Jubilee!

The children are now able to identify and explain what a healthy plant looks like and what it needs to stay healthy. They compared healthy and unhealthy plants by drawing and writing about their differences.

This afternoon we enjoyed practically learning about Wudu in Islam. This is the cleansing before prayer. Ezra demonstrated, along with the rest of the class' help, the steps involved for this to be completed! This helped us remember everything that is involved.

In PSHE, we have been learning about relationships and why they are important. This week we discussed friendships and how we might go about fixing a friendship. The children enjoyed acting this out with their partners, and it has been lovely to hear that they have also used this to help them in real life situations too!

Star of the Week: Oscar! Oscar always shows a positive attitude towards his learning. 


Reading 5x

Spelling check is on a Friday - please practise these at home


Have a lovely bank holiday weekend! 

Miss Hamilton :)