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Autumn Term 2

Another super term of sport at By Brook Valley!

During our second term at By Brook, and our last term of the year 2022, we enjoyed lots of different activities and enjoyed our very own Santa themed Fun Run!

Our new 22-23 Sports Leaders: 'written by the sports leaders'

Hello, we are the sports leaders for this year. We are given a variety of responsibilities that aim to help people when it comes to sports and activities. Sports leaders get to help out with sports activities/ events in the school and it is our pleasure to share the joy of sport with By Brook Valley. 

Charlie W (Y5): I am looking forward to starting some more sports clubs. 

Charlie P (Y5): I am looking forward to encouraging people to do more sport through making clubs. 

Harry (Y5): I am looking forward to making people stronger physically and mentally. 

Olivia (Y6): This year I am looking forward to encouraging different year groups to enjoy and learn new hobbies through sport. 

Sophia (Y6): I am excited for opportunities to start new clubs. 

Sienna (Y5): My idea for this year is to start doing 'wake and shake' again. 

Henry (Y6): I am really looking forward to creating new clubs and helping people learn different types of sport. 

William (Y6): I am excited to help host all of the different sports events. 

Paige (Y6): I am looking forward to running a KS1 dance club. 

PE lessons this term: 

This term KS1 have been developing their core skills of balance, co-ordination and strength through gymnastics with Mr Peters from Up and Under. We loved practising our gymnastics balances and even got to display them when using the gymnastics climbing equipment in the school hall!  

Yoga this term has been enjoyed by Years 3 and 4. They have loved having Chie teach them all about a variety of different yoga poses, how to control our breathing and even some relaxation and mindfulness skills. This has been a valuable session during our Christmas show rehearsals! 

Year 4 have continued their swimming sessions and have learnt many safety skills as well as developing their swimming technique. 

Year 5 and 6 have enjoyed dance this term and will continue that next term, with our new unit of PE for next term linking to our school event! 

Year 6 PGL Trip: ( Written by Y6 sports leaders).

PGL was the best experience ever! There was lots of different fun activities to do and there was something for everybody. There was Jacob's ladder, the giant swing, the zipline, archery, survivor and aeroball. At PGL we challenged ourselves and in teamwork on different obstacles and we worked together as a team.  

Santa Themed Fun Run

This term our sporting event was a whole school Santa themed fun run! We loved having everyone involved and had such a great time making use of the wonderful school grounds and outside facilities that we are lucky enough to have! We would like to thank all the parent helpers who came to help run the day and also thanks those parents who came to support us running. We had a wonderful day filled with hot chocolate, biscuits, mince pies, Christmas music and of course some running! We would like to thank our local M&S who supplied to mince pies for free so that any profits could go directly to the school. In total we raised £115.59! We can't wait for next year! 

What to watch out for next term:

Yoga: Next term Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 will be having yoga on a Tuesday with Chie. 

Up and Under: Next term Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 will be having dance with Mr Peters. Where they will be creating something special!

Dance: The rest of the school will also be creating their very own dance, displaying a range of styles, all contributing towards our very own ...

Dance Festival! - Friday 10th February

On the last day of term in school we will be celebrating our dance unit of PE by displaying all the schools dances in a dance festival! Sadly parents will not be able to join for this festival, but their will be lots of pictures on our PE newsletter for next term. 

What another great term filled with fun and activities! We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and  Happy New Year!

Miss Reed :) x