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Blog 2016-2017


We have had a lovely year in Digital Leaders. We've introduced iPads to the rest of the school and helped the teachers learn to code! Some of us have been helping other classes use the Bee Bots. We really enjoyed running the Safer Internet Day assembly and organising the photo booth!  Finally, we have made sure the laptops are up to date and ready to use in the new year! Sadly we say goodbye to Annabelle and Michael who are off to secondary school in September. We look forward to meeting new Digital Leaders next year.  


Over the past couple of months, Digital Leaders have been focusing on Safer Internet Day, (which was in February) making a photobooth for Computing Week, presenting an assembly for SID and exploring the technical world of iPads. Some of the apps we have been using are GarageBand, GoogleEarth and iMovie. These iPads are for educational use and we think the children will enjoy using them and learn new skills. 


This month the Digital Leaders have been focusing on E-Safety. We want to help the children of By Brook Valley stay safe online. 

Here are some of our top tips to stay safe online. 

1. Don't post any personal information online.

2. Do not agree to meet up with people you have met online, because they might not be who they say they are.

3. Think carefully before posting any photos or videos online.

4. Check privacy settings on all social media sites and apps.

5. Make sure what you are looking at is age appropriate, if you're not sure please ask an adult. Adults can use this website to help them

For more information about staying safe online, here are some wesbite links:

Check back next month, to see what else we have been up to.

We hope you have found our blog useful.