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Breakfast, Morning and Bubbles After School Club Terms and Conditions

  • Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis.  All requests for places are numbered to ensure fairness to all.
  • Places are limited to 40 in both clubs. (30 on Fridays and 16 at 7.45am)
  • Places for both Breakfast and Bubbles Clubs need to be booked in advance via the school office.
  • All places need to be re-requested for each September, regardless of whether the child already uses the club or not.
  • Charges for the clubs are as follows:

Breakfast and Morning Club

  • 7.45am start including Breakfast £5.50
  • 8.00am start including Breakfast £4.00
  • 8.20am start supervised early drop off (no Breakfast). £2.00

Bubbles After School Club

  • 3.15 – 4.00pm (including snack and drink at end of school day) £4.00
  • 3.15 – 5.00pm (including snack and drink at end of school day) £8.00
  • 3.15 – 5.45pm (including snack and drink at end of school day and light tea at 5.00pm) £12.00
  • If a child is dropped off early for the 8.20am session then parents will be charged for the 8.00am session even though breakfast is not taken.
  • If parents are late to collect their children then they will be charged for the following session as well.
  • If parents are later than 5.45pm (or 5.00pm on a Friday) we reserve the right to charge an additional fee of £10.00 to cover unplanned staff overtime.
  • Parents will be invoiced monthly in arrears.
  • Invoices must be paid in full within 7 days of receipt.
  • Behaviour expectations will be consistent in line with the By Brook Valley Behaviour Policy.  Bookings may be withdrawn if the pupil(s) conduct is inappropriate, or the parent/carer will be asked to collect early.  This is to ensure the Health & Safety of the individual, other pupils and of the staff supervising the provision.
  • Once a place has been allocated to a child, if the place is no longer required, two weeks written notice is required.
  • There is no sibling discount.
  • If your child does not attend, you will still be charged for the session.
  • If you only require the space on a shift or ‘every other week’ basis, you will be charged a £2 holding fee for Breakfast Club and a £4 holding fee for Bubbles Club per child, for the sessions not attended.  This is due to the space being held open for you.
  • In the event of late or non-payment of invoices, the school reserves the right to cancel the booking until payment is made in full.
  • The school reserves the right to make changes to the provision of the club due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. staff absence). 
  • Please note that there is no after school club on the last day of Term 2, Term 4 and Term 6.
  • Please submit your bookings to
  • ADHOC bookings are subject to availability