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Breakfast, Morning and Bubbles After School Club Terms and Conditions

  • Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis.  All requests for places are numbered to ensure fairness to all.
  • Places are limited to 40 in both clubs. (20 on Fridays and 16 at 7.45am)
  • Places for both Breakfast and Bubbles Clubs need to be booked in advance via the school office.
  • All places need to be re-requested for each September, regardless of whether the child already uses the club or not.
  • If you are making a provisional booking in the first instance, any changes to this booking will need to be made by email to by Friday 21 June 2023, otherwise you will be charged for the first month (September) as per the original booking.
  • Charges for the clubs are as follows:

Breakfast and Morning Club

  • 7.45am start including Breakfast £5.50 (A1)
  • 8.00am start including Breakfast £4.00 (A2)
  • 8.20am start supervised early drop off (no Breakfast). £2.00 (A3)

Bubbles After School Club

  • 3.15 – 4.00pm (including snack and drink at end of school day) £4.00 (P1)
  • 3.15 – 5.00pm (including snack and drink at end of school day) £8.00 (P2)
  • 3.15 – 5.45pm (including snack and drink at end of school day and light tea at 5.00pm) £12.00 (P3)
  • If a child is dropped off early for the 8.20am session then parents will be charged for the 8.00am session even though breakfast is not taken.
  • If parents are late to collect their children then they will be charged for the following session as well.
  • If parents are later than 5.45pm (or 5.00pm on a Friday) we reserve the right to charge an additional fee of £10.00 to cover unplanned staff overtime.
  • Parents will be invoiced monthly in arrears.
  • Users of the clubs agree to settle invoices within 7 days of the invoice issue date.
  • Behaviour expectations will be consistent in line with the By Brook Valley Behaviour Policy.  Bookings may be withdrawn if the pupil(s) conduct is inappropriate, or the parent/carer will be asked to collect early.  This is to ensure the Health & Safety of the individual, other pupils and of the staff supervising the provision.
  • Once a place has been allocated to a child, if the place is no longer required, two weeks written notice is required.
  • There is no sibling discount.
  • If your child does not attend, you will still be charged for the session.
  • If you only require the space on a shift or ‘every other week’ basis, you will be charged a £2 holding fee for Breakfast Club and a £4 holding fee for Bubbles Club per child, for the sessions not attended.  This is due to the space being held open for you.
  • In the event of late or non-payment of invoices, the school reserves the right to cancel the booking until payment is made in full.
  • The school reserves the right to make changes to the provision of the club due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. staff absence). 
  • Please note that there is no after school club on the last day of Term 2, Term 4 and Term 6.
  • Please submit your bookings to
  • ADHOC bookings are one off, subject to availability for that day and are not accepted as a continuous booking method.
  • If your child has a regular booking in Bubbles but then chooses to attend another after school club (for example, PH Sports/Forest School) you will be charged a holding fee of £4 to keep your booking slot. If your booking is until 5.00pm or 5.45pm a £4 club deduction will be applied. If you choose to cancel your Bubbles space as a result of attending an after school club instead, your child's name will be removed from the Bubbles register following a 2 week notice period and your place will be re-allocated.