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Spring Term

Sunday 22nd March 2020

Happy Mothering Sunday to all you Mums, I hope in these unprecedented times you are able to find some tranquillity in the Spring sunshine and enjoy some family time together.

"The hawk symbolizes the ability to use intuition and higher vision in order to complete tasks or make important decisions."

As you begin your Home Learning this week I want you to remember a few things. You’ve been a Hawk for SIX months. You’ve learnt valuable skills of encouragement, self-worth, team building, sharing and waiting your turn. You’ve learnt to do better and to do your BEST.  You’ve made a World Wide "difference" and you’ve grown and blossomed in character and nature. You are all special and unique and have beautiful kind hearts and personal qualities that are independent and rich.

USE these skills within yourselves, and use these to help you and your families. There will be good days, and days where you feel strong. There will be days when you are not feeling too strong. Persevere. 




AA Milne

DO your BEST:

  • Sharpened pencil (no pen)
  • Pencil crayon for illustrations and pictures
  • Underline dates and titles
  • Joined up handwriting
  • Push yourself to do one more or an extra sentence or an extension
  • ASK for help!
  • Share your work with me
  • Don’t be afraid to get it wrong
  • Practice makes perfect
  • LEARN all those X times tables
  • Spend time to do sketches or careful and detailed illustrations
  • Spread out your learning with regular breaks
  • Keep your minds and bodies healthy
  • Make a quiet clutter free space for your learning
  • Organise your day with a timetable
  • Drink plenty of water and have healthy snacks

You will find everything you need for Week 1  on the Hawks Class Home Learning document, and all the resources you need have been numbered 1-7. (Closure Work tab.)

Be kind, stay safe and look after each other and your families. Enjoy your home learning this week!

Mrs Willoughby




Where did January go?

A great week looking at formal letters in English, the children used their emotive language linked to our class text The Matchbox Diary to write letters. In Maths we have been using base 10 and place value counters to underpin our conceptual understanding of  multiplication and division. In Geography we have enjoyed learning some fact about our home county Wiltshire, and what the Wiltshire flag represents!


HAWKS CLASS Australian Fundraiser

A HUGE well done and thank you to all in Hawks Class. You have made me incredibly proud to be your teacher today. Your teamwork, thoughtfulness and collaboration have been outstanding. You designed, prepared and organised an amazingly fun fundraiser for every single person in the school to take part in.

You raised at least £60 this morning, and that was before the cake sale after school!

Parents and carers, thank you too for all your encouragement and support.

Have a great weekend.

Mrs Willoughby



Welcome back and a Happy New Year to you all!

I hope you had a great Christmas break, the children despite illnesses over the holidays have come back so focused and have had a fabulous first week back, I am so proud of them.

Thank you for all your lovely Christmas gifts, you were very kind and generous.

Please have a look in the Home Learning section for Term 3 homework and the Knowledge Organisers for this term.

There will be a letter out for Hawks Class parents next week detailing further information about Hawks Class Australian Bushfire appeal, the class feel very passionate about making a difference and have been working in groups this week to plan and organise a fundraiser.

Have a great weekend and enjoy some winter sunshine!


The children had a great time as a Key Stage today doing their NSPCC Buddy Challenge Dance Off! Thank you for the sponsorship envelopes returned so far.

As a continued thread, "keeping ourselves and others safe," as part of our Computing Curriculum we have done some work on Online Safety this week. The children were really confident in their discussions and sharing their knowledge. Some great strategies and good practice at home with parental controls and age appropriate gaming, so well done parents and carers, your children understand the importance of staying safe online.

In Art we are continuing to look at the work of Henri Mattise and the children have built onto their learning from last week colour mixing with watercolours. They have taken great care painting the face, sketching first and then painting on top of the background from last week. They have shown real care and perseverance.


An incredibly busy week with lots of additional opportunities in our learning. This children were  sensitive and empathetic and touched by the life of Patience during our time on the Compassion Bus. We have used our experiential learning to focus our writing. The children have articulated clearly how this journey on the compassion bus really helped them to show compassion and they have demonstrated such a mature understanding.

Try this at home: read through a page of a reading book together and pick out any concrete or proper nouns. Can you find any pronouns?

Our two assemblies on Anti Bullying and Staying Safe (NSPCC) have been wonderful opportunities to remind children of some of the important messages around keeping themselves and others safe, but I was particularly impressed with their prior knowledge and understanding of these very important topics.

In Science we have continued to think about Sound,  and are preparing an investigation next week to answer our big question. What? Can sound travel through materials?

The children have shown such confidence in their conceptual understanding of four digit numbers and used careful vocabulary to explain how they know if a value of one 4 digit number is greater than or lass than another. 

Try this at home: pick two four digit numbers and write out a number sentence using the correct < > symbols. Use the vocabulary to explain how you know this number statement is true.   

(place value     digit    value    thousands    hundreds    tens   ones   greater than    less than )

      5643 > 5463     because.........


Please have a look at our RE Knowledge Organiser for Judaism under the Home Learning tab.

Some lovely homework has been coming in from the children, we have celebrated and shared some of the lovely musical instruments and book covers that have been made at home. Thank you.

This week in PSHE we have been talking about the work of the United Nations and UNCRC, and the Rights of the Child.


Hawks Class have earnt their first class reward. We made coil pots out of clay and thought carefully about the variety of uses Anglo Saxons would have made from  pottery containers.

Harvest Festival preparation is in full swing, we have been writing prayers in class and learning songs for our Harvest celebrations in Church on Thursday 26th September at 1:30pm Thank you for your support, we now have two volunteers to walk with us down to Church. A reminder that children are invited to bring a donation/contribution for our Harvest celebration - giving to others.

Swimming will not take place this Thursday, but shall resume on Thursday 3rd October. Corsham swim teachers follow the Swim England National Curriculum guidance for teaching swimming.

Please have a look at our Knowledge Organiser for this term under the "Home Learning" tab.

A reminder please that Reading Records need to be in school everyday. They are checked daily to monitor home reading and the content of what the children are reading. Please support us by helping your children become independent learners and packing their school bag the night before.

In Maths this week we have continued to use base 10, place value grids and counters to underpin the children's understanding of Place VALUE.

One to try at home!  "Which is the odd one out?"

                        4,600       46 tens       3 thousands and 16 hundreds       46 tens




Well done Hawks Class for making such a positive start in Year 4.

In Maths we have been using our place value knowledge to round numbers to the nearest 10 and 100. We have reinforced our learning of greater than and less than and have been increasing our mathematical vocabulary to deepen our understanding by using base 10 and place value counters to "prove it," to a friend or a teacher.

In our class Worship, and in our PSHE we have been thinking about all the people in our school who we are THANKFUL to.


Well done to all the children for being organised and responsible, and for changing quickly in readiness to be in the water for the start of our swim time. Next week we need to reinforce our thoughtfulness and awareness to the general public and be more aware of our surroundings. The children will be grouped by the swim teacher ready for our second swim session.

Times table Races

These take place on a Tuesday. The children receive them back marked on a Wednesday morning. They have been recording their score into their Reading Record books to share with you at home.

Spelling Test

As part ouf our class routine, the children are practising their spellings using the Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check method. I have uploaded a blank grid onto the home learning tab, should you wish to print one of these off at home to encourage and support your child's learning methods at school. Spelling tests are carried out before lunch, and the children receive their marked spelling test back after lunch. This is so they can record their scores and have dialogue and feedback with you over the weekend. They receive their new spelling words at the same time.

Homework "Pick and Mix"

Thank you for the homework received already. There is plenty of time to complete the homework, the deadline is Friday 19th October.

Citizenship Award

We have talked in class about the By Brook Valley Citizenship Award. You will find more information about the bronze level and it's requirements on the Home Learning page.