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Egyptian Museum!

Yesterday we had an Egyptian museum in the classroom to celebrate the children's homework projects this term along with their hot writes! They wrote instructions on how to mummify a body using imperative verbs, time connectives, adverbs, subordinate clauses and expanded noun phrases! Their homework projects were incredible and included death masks, sarcophaguses, tombs, pyramids, canopic jars and more! Take a look! The Year 3s came round to look at our museum too and were super impressed!



Hawks Scientists!

This week in Science we have been learning about how to create and draw a circuit! The children have learnt about the components needed to make a circuit and how to represent these with symbols. We have also learnt about what a conductor and insulator is and the qualities of these materials. We tested different materials in a circuit to find out what made the circuit work. We found out that keys, paper clips, pennies, a tin can and pencil sharpener all allowed electricity to flow through them. From this we concluded that metals and insulators and this showed they were all good conductors. 

How to keep healthy!

This week we have been looking at the life cycle of a human and how to keep healthy! First, we ordered the 7 stages of life from foetus to an elderly person. We looked at how you grow and what changes happen. We thought about what you learn to do as you grow from a baby to toddler, toddler to child, child to teenager etc.

We then looked at how to stay healthy. Children came up with:

  1. A good sleep routine, 10-11 hours of sleep a night
  2. Eating a balanced diet                                                            
  3. Getting 30 minutes of exercise a day
  4. Outdoor fresh air and limited screen time
  5. Brushing your teeth twice a day
  6. Drinking plenty of water...and many more!

Take a look at our illustrations! 


We then thought about how to keep our teeth healthy... take look!

Our class trip to Wiltshire Museum! 29.06.21

Today we had our class trip to Wiltshire Museum! It was absolutely fantastic! First, year 4 had the Ancient Egyptian workshop where they were able to hold replicas of artefacts like canopic jars, act out the mummification process and make a scarab beetle amulet! Then after lunch, the children explored the rest of the museum and took part in an activity where they made a hieroglyphics bookmark using real papyrus! They used ink to draw their name in hieroglyphs! We had a creative, educational fun day and consolidated alot of the learning we have done in class! Take a look at our pictures!




Hawks started Healthy me week with a brilliant PE session this morning! Hawks had a fantastic time as they learnt how to play a game of lacrosse! They picked up the rules of the game quickly which was great to see! They put all their skills from the last few weeks into practise by playing several games of lacrosse. They used great throwing and catching skills with the lacrosse stick to try and score a point for their team! They used good team work to try and pass the ball from player to player in order to score points! Take a look at Hawks in action!


Healthy me week! 25.06.21

Next week we will be starting a project called 'Healthy Me'. We will be learning about what makes us 'us', friendships and families, how to stay healthy, the parts of the body and the lifecycle of a human. Please see the 'Our Curriculum' tab for the programme of study. Any questions please just send me an email. 

Dividing by 10! 22.06.21

This week Hawks' mathematicians have been learning how to divide 1 digit by 10. They used 0.1 place value counters which show a tenth to represent numbers. First, the children made 1 using 0.1 place value counters and divided it into 10 equal parts. They worked out in each part there was 0.1. So 1 ÷ 10 = 0.1. They then did 2 ÷ 10. Then used these facts to work out more calculations where it was 1 digit ÷ 10. Take a look at the children's whiteboard work!


Hawks historians! 11.06.2021

This week we have also learnt about the pyramids! We have looked at who built them, why they were built, when they were built, how long they took to built and more! As historians, the children looked a range of sources with brilliant information and used this to create their own fact file on the pyramids! See the examples below! What do you think? 

Egyptian wow day! 8.06.2021

Today on our wow day we learnt about the mummification process and mummified tomatoes! When we mummified our tomatoes, we pretended that the tomato seeds were the intestines and other organs. Some children decorated canopic jars and we placed the "organs" in jars. Look at our pictures of when we mummified a tomato!





"I really enjoyed our wow day because it was super fun and mummifying the tomatoes was challenging but fun!" Henri

"I really like our wow day because it was really fun especially when we mummified tomatoes!" Paige.

Bath Rugby 7.06.2021

Hawks had an action packed start to the final summer term! In the morning they had Up and Under teach lacrosse then this afternoon they had Bath Rugby teach some brilliant skills in passing and catching! They learnt the rhyme, 'Got it, pocket, rocket' to help them remember how to catch and pass! Take a look at these photos! 


Amazing Ndebele prints! 26.05.21 

The week we carved out our Ndebele designs using a pencil then we printed our tiles onto card! The children used a roller to ink up their tile, then carefully placed their tile onto paper and pressed down with their hands before lifting the tile up to reveal their print! Take a look!




Finding fractions of amounts!  25.05.21

This week in maths we have been finding fractions of numbers! We used cubes to find fractions of smaller numbers and shared out cubes using a whiteboard. We learnt that the denominator tells us how many parts to split the number into and the numerator tells us how many parts we are finding. Then we used place value counters to finding fractions of larger numbers. Take a look! 


Ndebele Art!  Week beginning 17.05.21

Over the last couple of weeks we have been looking at Ndebele art! We have learnt that Ndebele house painting is a style of African art practiced by the Southern Ndebele people of South Africa. It is predominantly practiced by the Ndebele women when painting homes. Ndebele people are African people who live primarily in the Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces in South Africa. We have looked at Esther Mahlangu who is a South African artist from the Ndebele nation. She is known for her bold large-scale paintings that link to her Ndebele heritage. We are designing a print for next week in the style of Ndebele art! Take a look at our sketchbook work and designs for when we come to print!


Marvellous Maths! 14.05.2021

This week we have been looking at fractions greater than 1! To help children with their understanding, they had to fold shapes into quarters or eighths then shade an amount of these shapes and finally write the fraction they had shaded! Take a look!

PE 7.05.21

Today we were lucky enough to have Chippenham Sports Partnership come to By Brook today to lead a PE event all on Orienteering. This week, the children were looking at maps, keys and ariel photographs so our learning came in very useful today! The children had to use a map to work out where certain points were on the field as well as use good team skills to ensure they were successful. The children absoloutley loved this session and celebrated the winners of a competition with an arch at the end. Take a look at the pictures!

Wonderful writing! 6.05.21

This week we have been focussing on character descriptions. We have looked at expanded noun phrases and how to use them. Then we wrote a character description of Bertie's mother and Bertie from the Butterfly Lion. Take a look at these incredible examples! Can you spot the expanded noun phrases?

Forest school!

On Friday 23.04.21 we had our first forest school session! We had the best afternoon exploring nature and it was the perfect weather for it too! The children made bug hotels, made land art, watched how to make a fire, roasted marshmallows, climbed trees and made dens! The children absolutely loved their first experience of forest school and can't wait for the next session already! Take a look at the pictures!


Africa wow day!

Today we had our WOW day to introduce our topic for this term! We are learning about Africa this term and our key question is 'How have humans impacted animals?' Children wrote questions for what they already know on this topic then they wrote questions for what they would like to find out. Then we had an incredible African drumming workshop! It was amazing to use so many djembe drums! The children made rhymtms and did lots of call and response activities! Next, we did some African cooking! The children prepared and made a traditional African dish called Chakalaka! Children did grating, slicing, dicing and mincing to prepare the vegetables before stirring them in with spices and cooking them with beans and tomatoes. Take a look! Our day ended with yoga! The children created many African animal poses, can you tell what they are?




Visit from Rev Anjali!  (30.03.21)

Today we had a visit from Reverend Anjali! She came in to help us understand the role of clergy in the church. Our key question for RE this term is 'What kind of world would Jesus want?' and last week the children looked at the local church website to see what they do for the community to show God's love. We found out more today what the clergy do for the community and how that shows Jesus' love for all. The children had some brilliant questions and discovered that vicars are very busy! They visit people who are poorly, go to hospitals, call people who are lonely, help at youth clubs, support people who need food and work with food banks, help parents by putting on toddler groups and so much more! All these things are what Jesus would do!

Hot chocolate! (25.03.21)
As a reward for getting 10 stars turned over, Hawks had hot chocolate (just like the Aztecs would have!) and watched some BBC class clips on the fall of the Aztec empire! We had lots of fun! 



Digestion fun!  25.03.21

This week in Science we have we been learning about the digestive system! We looked at the journey food goes through once you put it in your mouth! We learnt about the function of the mouth, the oesophagus, the stomach, the small intestine and the large intestine! Mrs Peters demonstrated how food gets digested using; a sandwich bag (the stomach), a pair of tights (small intestine), biscuits, a banana (the food we eat),  water (our saliva), orange juice (stomach acid), a tray (our body) and a cardboard cup (the large intestine). 

Take a look at the pictures and our work!

Squashing up the food in the mouth then stomach using water as saliva and orange juice as stomach acid.

Passing the food through the small intestine, the muscles squeezing the nutrients out to the body.


Maths this week!

This week children have been learning how to use a place value grid to divide! Children have been working out how to exchange a ten for ten ones to help them when dividing larger numbers. We have been doing this practically today which has really helped their understanding! Then they drew this method out, take a look at our fab work!



World Book Day! 

We hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed your mothers day chocolate! Here are some pictures from Friday with the children dressed up in their costumes for World Book Day and them enjoying their very own chocolates! 






Chocolate making!
Today the children made their chocolates! They stuck to their designs and did a fantastic job! 


On our chocolate wow day, the children made the words 'Aztecs' and 'chocolate' using their bodies! Children had to work in teams and communicate carefully to make the shapes correctly! This was a fantastic group work activity to get them working in a brilliant team! Take a look!

Chocolate wow day!

Today the children were involved in a huge chocolate wow day! In the morning, they learnt about the process and journey chocolate goes on from bean to bar. They ordered photos and matched captions to these photographs! Then, the children took part in blind chocolate tasting! They got to try 4 different types of chocolate and had to guess which one was which! We then did a vote on which chocolate was their favourite and presented the data in a tally chart, then a bar chart! The children answered questions about the data. After lunch the children imagined that the chocopocalypse was going to happen as it says in our book 'The Great Chocoplot' and they designed their very own chocolate! They will make this tomorrow! Take a look at the incredible learning! 


Friday 18th December 2020




Wednesday 2nd December 2020

Please bring a big orange in on Friday 4th December for the Christingle service we will be doing in school. Thank you!


Monday 16th November

It is time to practise Christmas play songs! Please practise these at home, here are the links:

Gabriel's message -

One bright star -

Welcome, Jesus! -


Friday 16th October 2020

Please see the below link for a fantastic link about reading at home.


Important information!

From Monday 12th October the START/FINISH TIMES to the school day are changing. This will be a trial period and reviewed at the end of Term 1.

The one-way system will continue to be in operation. Entry to the school is via the main gate; exit is via the gate. It is important that everyone keeps to the one- way system at all times in order to help maintain social distancing.


·         All year groups to arrive at school between 8.45 – 9am. Please ensure your child arrives in school within this time window so that they are present for registration. If they arrive in class after the register closes then they will be marked as late.


·         Reception, Y1 & Y2 finish at 3pm. Parents need to leave the playground by 3.10pm. If you need to wait for a child in Y3-6, then please do so in a socially distanced space on the playground.

·         Y3, Y4, Y5 & Y6 finish at 3.10pm. Parents should not enter the playground until this time.

Additional information:

·         Pupils in Reception, Y1, Y2, Y3 and Y4 will be brought out to the playground and lined up ready for parents to collect

·         Y5 & 6 will enter/ leave via the door next to the Head teacher’s office.

·         The car park MUST only be used by blue badge holders, or those given special permission this year by the school

·         Only one adult attend pick up/ drop off times.


Tuesday 8th September 2020

Today we had a letter from Ernest Shackleton! He sent us an advert for 'Men wanted!', see the picture below. He told us that he had put items in the playground for us to find for the journey. So we went outside and the children found the objects. Then we inferred where we would be going and what kind of journey it would be. The children inferred it would be in Antarctica because of all the equipment, take a look at the pictures!


Monday 7th September 2020

Today we looked at how to work together as a class. We thought about what it means to be included and how we can make sure that happens in the class. We then thought about team work skills and children created a diamond 9 putting the team work skill they think is most important at the top of their diamond. Take a look at their diamonds!