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Class Blog

13 March

We all had a brilliant time at the Tag Rugby Festival.  The weather was amazing for us and everyone was able to get stuck in to their rugby and play some fantastic matches.  Everyone was confident in their playing and enjoyed the success of winning games.  The looks on the children's faces when they scored tries was priceless.  Every team played well together and I hope they feel proud of themselves and what they achieved.

Thank you to all the parents that came along to support us; it was very much appreciated.  I hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did. 

6 March

This week we had loads of fun.  It was great getting muddy playing Tag Rugby on the school field; we are very excited about the festival next week.

We also learned about forces using Plasticine.

Thursday was World Book Day.  Ks1 made a sotry on a plate and KS2 made a book in a box..

On Friday we had some visitors in school who were thinking about being our new Head Teacher.

We also had a maths lesson with a teacher form Hardenhuish; we learned about polyominoes.

In music we learned how to play the Harry Potter theme tune on the ukuleles.

By Anna and Lily


28 February

This week was jam-packed full of fun activities.

Monday was a TD day so whilst the teachers worked we had an extra day at home.

On Tuesday we started the day with Tag-Rugby, improving our skills and teechniques. 

On Wednesday we found out our topic for science which was exciting - we are learning about forces.  We focused on gravity and how Isaac Newton discivered it.

On Thursday the whole of KS2 walked down to Church in different groups  for 'Experience Church'.  We did lots of different but holy activites including making stained glass windows and bird origami.

We learned our new topic in PE is gymnastics on Friday and later that day we worked hard to finish our beautiful environmental collages. 

We also enjoyed learning about Sikhs and Sikhism and had fun doing a new Plicker Quiz!

By Poppy and Millie


7 February

This week was a very one in Kites class.

On Monday we started off in PSHE discussing jobs we wanted to do when we are older.  After that we spent some time practising our class assembly and everyone had lots of work to share.  On Tuesday we spent some time finishing off bits of work we had started ready to share with our parents.

On Wednesday we had a normal day with Mrs Byd doing science and working on our Tag Rugby skills.

Thursday was very exciting.  We went to Hardenhuish Secondary School for a Taster Day. We started off in PE and played basketball.  The next thing we did was break and and we meet the sheep and some of the shepherds.

We then had double science.  We learned about gas, liquids and solids and did an experiment.

After this we had lunch and most of us tried the free hot dinner - it ws delicious.

In DT we decorated some gingerbread and created a stag which is the school emblem.

In drama we had to create a scene about an imaginary suitcase.

All the lessons were amazing.  After this we went to the library and we could ask students and teachers questions about the school.

Friday we were back in school.  We all enjoyed sharing our spelling wordsearches.

At the end of the day was our Class assembly.  We hope you all enjoyed watching as much as we enjoyed sharing our work with you.

Honor and Isla



31 January

This week in Kites we have been learning about persuasive texts in English.

In maths we have been learning about division.  We used counters  before we started doing short division in our books.

In Tag Rugby we focused on running with the ball and our passing skills so that we could improve our throwing and catching.

In PSHE we have been thinking about the jobs we would like to do in the future and have been finding out information about them.  Lots of us want to be footballers, cricketers or rugby players.  We all thought that Doctors had the most important job and that footballers were the least important.

In art we doing collage.  If you have any old magazines or catalogues at home please could we have them to use for our artwork.  Thank you.

by Oscar and Finley

24 January

This week we have continued to learn about multiplication.  We have used grid and column methods.  In English we finished writing our poems.  We then did some watercolour paintings to illustrate our poems.  We are very pleased with them and will share them in our class assembly.

In PSHE we have been thinking about our mental health and how we can look after ourselves.  We then filled out a questionnaire about our lives and what we do.

In PE we continued to work on our Tag Rugby skills - passing the ball to each other more accurately.

By Coby and Freddie

17 January 2020

This week in Kites we have started to write our poems about the weather.  We have also been learning about the weather in French.

We learnt all te vocabulary for the different types of weather such as: hot, cold, sunny, snowing, raining.

On Wednesday we had another Tag Rugby lesson that everyone enjoyed and we also had another yoga lesson.

We have been learning long multiplication in maths - we started off using counters in a grid.

Computing is one of our favourites lessons and we have been learning how to use scratch.


Lily and Millicent


10 January 2020

Welcome back and a Happy New Year

This week in Kites we have been very busy.  We have found out what our nw topics are.  In English we are writing poems - we wrote some Alternative new Year Resolutions Poems.  In maths we are learning how to do multiplication in a column.  In science we are learning about life cycles.

We have all been very excited about starting Tag Rugby and getting ready for the rugby festival in March.  We are also doing yoga which is good for our balance and stability.

We think this is going to be a really good term in Kites and we are looking forward  to sharing our learning with you in our class assembly.

By Hugo and Ethan

19 December

We hope you all enjoyed the Carol Service yesterday.  We were very proud of all the children, they did such a great job learning all the carols and performing them brilliantly in Church.

Thank you so much for all the lovely presents - you have all been very kind.

I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and very Best Wishes for the New Year.

I will see you all back at school on 6 January 2020!

Mrs Henshall 

16 December

Last Monday we had some time to finish our WW2 DT toy.

In science we finished our posters and added some extra detail to them.  In maths we continued with some problem-solving.

On Friday we had WW2 da.  the first activity was baking.  We made biscuits using a recipe from WW2.  We then made Christmas decorations.  To practise we made them out of paper and then we used Christmas cards to make our actual decoration.

Everyone had to research rationing and bring a snack that children would have eaten in WW2.  We ate this altogether before lunch.

We all really enjoyed our special day.

by Eleanor and Katie


6th December

We have been very busy this week as we started a D.T project making a toy out of wood using  cam. We have done lots of woodwork and sawing and did allot of work about cams.

As well as D.T we have done alot of maths. In it we have been learning about square and cubed numbers. We used multilink to help us understand it more.

By George and Freddie

30th November

This week in Kites we had a lot of fun doing D.T. On Thursday another group went to Sheldon to make some delicious melting moments with Mr Watts and Mrs Nine , some Sheldon teachers.

On Wednesday Mrs Boyd came in to teach us some science (we are  learning about space). We learned this week about the types of moons . On Monday morning for E.M.T we had the word solar system and out of those words we had to make space related words.  As well on Wednesday for E.M.T we had the alphabet and needed to think of space words for every letter.

Sadly this week we had no P.E but with all the exciting things going on we couldn't fit it in. On Friday we had House Parliament and we were talking about how we are going to raise money for our two sponsored children - Selen and Peter from Uganda.

We were also lucky to have our class treat on Friday afternoon for our amazing attendance last term.  We hope we are the winners again next term.

Class blog by Honor and Millie

Friday 22 November

In Kites this week we were learning about multiples and factors and we wrote some 'always, sometimes and never' statements about  products and multiples. We said  every time we multiply two even numbers the product will be odd but when we investigated this the product was always even.

In English we started using semi-colons and looked at how we could use them in sentences. We started writing our chronological-reports about the Dig for Victory campaign and how they wanted people to help the farmers and to help get food for people.

We did some Drama with Mrs Slater and it was her last week but it was still really fun when we were doing funny things with being an over excited clown.

Some people went to Sheldon this week and baked some cookies. They had a lot of fun the rest of us are looking forward to going next week.

By Coby and Charlie.

Friday 15 November

In kites this week we have been writing biographies about L.S Lowry . In maths we have been learning about line graphs, we did an experiment with a thermometer and hot water. In art we have been drawing our own Lowry based artwork. In P.E we have had a one off lesson and did gymnastics, we did different rolls like a backwards roll, forward roll and a teddy bear roll. we had another drama lesson this week with Mrs Slater and we had a lot of fun doing lots of different  activities being clowns. Finally we are doing dance and we are learning more different moves for the Jive.

BY Teddy and Ewan

Friday 8th November

In Kites this week we have been very busy with our maths workshop. In the workshop our parents enjoyed seeing what we have been learning about, we even taught them some things as well!  After breaktime  we did an exercise called 'Wake and Shake' where everybody in the school is included in doing a dance together.

In PE we started to learn the moves for a dance called 'the Jive' some of the moves were quite tricky but we really improved as we went along.

In English we have been writing biographies.

The most fun we had this week was learning about space - we used toilet paper and fruits to make a scaled down model of our solar system.

On our first day back we had a drama lesson from a Sheldon teacher. We had fun performing one script in different ways.  We are looking forward to our drama lesson next week.

By Anna and Ella


Wednesday 23rd October

What a great end to the term!

The children were brilliant in the school science fair yesterday and impressed everyone with their knowledge of metals and the periodic table.  I hope you enjoyed seeing them on display in the hall.

In art we started our learning about L S Lowry and had fun listening to the song 'Matchstalk Men and Matchstalk Cats and Dogs'.  We are looking forward to creating our own Lowry inspired pictures when we return after the holidays


Friday 18th October

This week in Kites we have been busy building up our science presentations for the By Brook Science Fair on the 22nd October. We really enjoyed researching  facts about the periodic table and putting fun and educational facts on our boards.

In RE we have been learning about Hinduism and how Hindus show their commitment and devotion to Brahman.  We had fun doing a 'Plickers' quiz.

We have really enjoyed our 7th week in  Y5 and are looking forward to spending a whole year in Y5.

by Poppy and Emme

Friday 11th October

It has been another busy week in school.  We started with a workshop from the NSPCC teaching us how to be safe and that we have to 'Speak up and stay safe'.

In RE it has been interesting to learn about other world religions and where they worship.  We have focused on Hinduism and Puja - the time when Hindus worship in the home.

Our week finished with our Big Buddy Dance for the NSPCC, reminding us of the important message.  Our box is in the classroom ready for the sponsorship forms.

Our thankfulness box in class is now getting full, the children have been impressive, thinking of all the people they are thankful for.

Friday 4th October

Last Friday we had a very interesting visit to the REME museum in Lyneham.  There were lots of opportunities to handle artefacts form WW2 and this really helped to enhance our learning. 

This week we have spent valuable time in the Compassion Bus, thinking about how we can help other less fortunate than us.  Our Compassion poems showed how reflective we had been.

We have then spent time thinking about ourselves and how to keep ourselves safe.  We had an Anti Bullying

Assembly and a visit form the NSPCC.  On Monday next week we will continue this with an NSPCC workshop and on Friday we will do our Buddy Sponsorship dance session.


Friday 20 September

We have had a lovely week all finished off with baking and eating cake.  The recipe is attached at the bottom.

In PSHE we have been thinking about making judgements and judging others based on their clothes and what they look like.  This has led to some very interesting conversations.  It would be good if these were continued at home.


Friday 13 September

We have had a very busy first two weeks in Kites class - getting used to all the new routines and organising our classroom.

We have begun our new learning and are enjoying finding out about WW2 by using our class text Letters from the Lighthouse.

In two weeks we are going on our class trip to the REME Museum in Lyneham.  You should have received a letter about this.  if not please ask in the office or let me know and I will ensure you get one.