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Class Blog

22nd October 2018

This has been such a busy term.

The children have been engrossed in their Chemistry projects and are now preparing thier final presentations for our school science fair before some go on to present at Sheldon School Science Fair.

We have loved playing kabbadi and have tried adapting the rules and finding differetn ways to play the game.

After half term we will be off for our week in PGL.  Fingers crossed the weather stays dry for us.

16th September 2018

The highlight of our week was our trip to Chippenham.  The museum visit and walk around town, learning about the history was fascinating.  Thank you to the volunteers that came with us. There is always so much to learn about our own area. Next week we will  begin by thinking about why people first came to settle in Chippenham.

In maths the children were amazing at rounding numbers and using the greater and less than symbols. showed really confidnet understanding.

Ask the children if they can tell you the difference between a clause and a phrase - our foucs in English!

9th September 2018

Welcome back everyone to the start of a new school year.

We had a great start last week to our Y6 learning.  Everyine ws very focused and keen to have a go at any challenges.

We began to find out about Chippenham in preperation for our trip on Tuesday.  fingers crossed for fine weather