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Thursday 9th January 2020

Happy New Year! 

The children have settled well and have made me feel very welcome showing me there routines and what the expectations are in year 1 and what makes good friends and a happy class.  Thank you to so many of you who have already introduced yourselves and also made me feel welcome.

Everyone has worked hard this week in particular in maths practising adding numbers together by counting on.  In English the children are learning about fact files and I have already learnt a lot about each of them.  In Geography we are looking at different countries and the children are starting to share some of the different places they have visited.


Wk 1

Well done to all the new Falcons who have settled in very well to their new class and routines of year 1.

Everyone has been working very hard and showing good learning attitudes. We have been getting used to where things are and what the expectations are now we are in year 1.

wk 2

We have had a busy week, With our class book" Where the Wild Things Are". We have been describing the different characters and setting of the story. We have been adding to our class display about this book.

In Maths we have been sorting and counting which groups have the most/ least amount.

In History we have started researching the Queen and her family. We thought about our family tree and then matched pictures of the Queen's family to the different parts of the tree. Everyone really enjoyed finding out about her children.

wk 3

This week in English we have been acting out the story of "Where the Wild Things Are" , we made our story trays showing the different parts of the story and started a story map to show key events.

In Maths we have been learning about one more/ less than a given number. We have used Numicon, number lines and dice to help us with learning. We have also solved some problems involving one more/ less. 

In History we have continued our work about the Queen, we have been finding out about what life was like for the Queen when she was little. The class have been exploring the toys that she liked and her hobbies. We compared the toys from then to what we have now.

wk 4-

This week we have been busy practising for our harvest festival. The children are confident with their words and have produced beautiful pictures for the Little Red Hen story. All the children love singing their harvest songs.

In English this week we have been writing a new story ending to Where The Wild Things Are. The children have used their knowledge of the characters and settings and thought of a new appropriate ending. Many children are now confident using adjectives to create further interest.

In maths we have been using the language of greater than , fewer than and equal to compare numbers.

The children have been explaining their reasoning and using more mathematical language correctly.


Wk beg 7th October

This week in English we have been busy learning the story of The Queen's Hat. We have acted out the story, added in exciting actions for each place that the hat travels to and sounds to help us remember the order of the story.

We have made story maps and trays to show where the hat visits around London. There are lots of names of places that we have learnt about. We have also written the story in our own words using story language and words like 'swish' and' swoosh' to show that the wind was blowing the hat around.

In maths this week we have been learning about the part whole model. We have practised using practical objects to make two parts make the whole. We have even managed to solve some tricky problems and explain our reasoning when an answer is wrong.

In our History work we have continued to find out more about the Queen and her life. Next week we are looking forward to finding out about the coronation.