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Gallery of Work

Here you will find photos of some of the work Eagles have done during school closure.

Ellie's nature mandala

Evie's nature mandala

Grace's nature mandala

Louis B's nature mandala

Ruby's nature mandala

Milo's Globe theatre 

Ellie's diary entry as Prospero from the Tempest 

Grace's diary as Prospero from the Tempest 

Josh's science work

Frances' Tudor London comparisons 

Rose's word art

Amelie's Tudor work

Milo's storm description based on The Tempest

Josh's project chicken run!

Ellie & Grace's model of blood 

Emilia's spell using The Tempest

Rebecca's crazy hair from the Lockdown SATS challenge!


Amelie's Tempest storm scene

Storm description by Frances based on The Tempest

Rebecca's sculpture based on Barbara Hepworth

Robert's model of the digestive system

Emilia's sunflower canvas painting



Aurora's video of the digestive system

A human postage stamp!     :-D