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Home Learning


Reading books will be changed on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. Your child will come home with x2 or x3  books at a time and it will be their responsibility to ensure their reading folder is in school everyday, along with their reading record. Please ensure your child reads each book more than once.

Please help to support your child by listening to them read everyday where possible. Your child is at the optimum age to learn to read and write and daily practice and repetition is essential. Your children are very fortunate, to be coming home with brand new reading books, they were purchased during lockdown so please help us to teach your children to respect and look after their reading books.  Please sign your child’s reading record book every time they read to you at home. Reading does not need to be for an unmanageable amount of time, ten minutes per day is enough to allow your child the regular repeated practise to gain fluency and stamina and consolidate what they have retained.


Each week your child will come home with the sound or spelling correspondent that represents the phoneme or grapheme that  we have been focusing on in class. They will have a few words to practise and one dictation sentence per week to consolidate their learning, It is really important that you do not support them or give them clues but that you read the sentence out once in full, get your child to orally recite it back to you in full before they write and then slowly read each part of the dictation sentence to allow the child to write down what they think they can hear.


Tricky words will need to be learnt, there will be a focus on one or two a week. Most tricky words are not phonetic, therefore can not be sounded out, your child has to simply learn them.


Children need to be counting ALL the time! In 1's 2's and 5's.

They need to count forwards and backwards and recognise numbers out of context. Get them to spot and read numbers everywhere!

They also need to practise representing and using number bonds and related subtraction facts within 20 and adding and subtracting one and two digit numbers to 20.