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Ospreys Class Blog

Autumn 2 


We have been learning about Remembrance Day and have been watching video clips to make a newspaper report. We also made a poppy in Art and they are going on to go on a display in the corridor opposite Owls.  This term we get to learn football from Rachel at up and under again. 

Autumn 1  term

24.10.18  C

We had the Life Bus come to visit this week. It is a big box on wheels that has carpet inside. The whole class can fit inside. There is always someone to help us learn and Harold the giraffe.  We learned about helping each other and how to settle a problem between friends. We also talked about the body and mind and how to be healthy in them. 

12.10.18       IC

This week we have been trying really hard with our times tables. Because we are in Year 3 we are new to tables race. We have to complete as many as we can in 10 minutes. Now we have had a few weeks we know what to do and some of us are on Level 2 already. We also like to play on Hit the Button to practise our times tables and doubles. In Ospreys we really like getting out the i pads. 

5.10.18 J

We enjoyed our yoga lesson this week. We are getting really good at getting in the positions and our neat and tidy sitting. We had to walk calmly and when the gong went, we had to find a card. On the card was our yoga position to try out. 

On Wednesday it was Harvest Festival. We acted out 'The Little Red Hen' and it looked cool. We think our class was the best because we tried really hard. Some of use showed our paintings from the story. 

21.9.18    CT

We went on a trip this week around Yatton Keynell. It was a bit rainy so we took lots of photos so we could do some sketching back at school. We went on a welly walk and enjoyed squelching in the field. My group found all of the things on the nature hunt, we ticked them off on the clipboard. At the church and field we had to use our eyes, noses and ears. We found different things there. 

14.9.18   MR

This week we have been working on our maths and learning about hundreds. We have also talked about how to stay safe online. We love the i pads and have also been working on our typing on the laptops. We like the dance mat hippo, it makes us giggle. 



Everyone in Ospreys is working hard to work as a team. We have made our own class charter with three class rules. The rules that we made up are: 

Be Kind

Be Safe

Be Responsible

Everyone in the class liked making their own hands and decorating them to put around the charter. Come and have a look at them in our classroom.