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Primary School Sports Funding 2013/14

By Brook Valley Primary School Sports Funding Allocation for 2013/14 is £8,600. This must be spent on improving the provision of PE and sports within schools but Headteachers have the freedom to choose how they do this.

For 2013/14, we have allocated funding as follows:

Afterschool Club Subsidy

In order to give as many children as possible the opportunity to take part in extra-curricular sporting activities that they might otherwise miss out on, the school has subsidised provision of KS1 Multi-skills Afterschool Club in Terms 1 & 2 and KS2 Tag Rugby Afterschool Clubs in Terms 3 & 4.

Chippenham Games

The school is contributing £20 per child for Year 6 pupils to participate in the 2014 Chippenham Games, an annual event run by the Chippenham Partnership of Schools, designed to build on the London 2012 Olympic legacy by promoting teamwork through participation in sport.

Dance Mentoring & Gymnastics Mentoring

The school has hired specialist Gymnastics and Dance coaches to work alongside and mentor all of our teachers when delivering PE lessons focusing on these disciplines.

Dance Course

The school has used Primary School Sports Funding to fund Professional Development for two members of staff. This will help to ensure the school can continue to deliver quality PE lessons focussing on Dance.

Orienteering Coaching

The school is funding the provision of 6 sessions of orienteering coaching in preparation for the planned Orienteering Festival in the summer term.

Lunchtime Sports Clubs

The school has funded the provision of a professional coach to deliver lunchtime sports clubs with one of our Teaching Assistants, two days a week, with the aim of increasing participation in sport, promotion of physical activity and sharing good practice with members of staff.  Children who would not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in additional sporting activities have been targeted for this club

Sports Day

We will be employing a professional sports coach to support us in delivering a competitive but inclusive sports day in which all children participate in competitive races.


The school plans to contribute towards the transportation to and participation in a KS1 Multiskills Festival this summer for Wiltshire schools.

The school will also fund transportation to two other festivals planned for the summer term, an Orienteering festival, for years 3 and 4, being organised by the Wiltshire Schools Partnership, and the Quad Kids School Games festival which is organised by Bath University.  Years 5 and 6 will attend this.

Participation in these festivals is one way in which the school will promote the enjoyment of and encourage participation in competitive sports and other physical activities.

New Equipment

The school has allocated £1,000 to spend on quality new and replacement sports equipment  to sustain and improve the general quality of school PE provision.

Flip Cameras for Assessment

The school will purchase flip cameras to enable the recording of dance and gymnastic performances, enabling pupils and teachers to analyse performances for the purpose of continuous assessment.

What IMPACT will School Sports Funding have on Physical Education at By Brook Valley School?

The mentoring sessions have already had an impact on the delivery of PE lessons at By Brook Valley School.

  • Improved Teachers subject knowledge and enthusiasm.
  • Teachers and children are clearer on the progression of skills.
  • Children can now understand and respond to PE specific language.
  • Children are enthusiastic about having specialised coaches. They thoroughly enjoy the sessions and understand how they are linked together.

Teacher feedback from Mentoring Sessions

“It was extremely helpful to see how a specialist planned a unit of work. The advice on how to use and set up the equipment was also helpful.”

Attainment as a result of Mentoring Sessions

Following Year 2 and Year 5 Gymnastics Mentoring Sessions, the children demonstrated more competency and confidence in Key Skills. Year 2 could confidently use the apparatus and showed an improvement in their skills of pathways, balancing, rolling and working on different levels.

Year 5 could confidently create shapes with their bodies, counter balance with a partner, using a variety of equipment on a range of levels.

Pupil feedback from Mentoring Sessions

“I really enjoyed learning new things. We travelled in different pathways. Some were spiral, zigzag and straight. Using all the equipment was really fun!”