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Primary School Sports Funding 2014/15

By Brook Valley Primary School Sports Funding Allocation for 2014/15 is £8,915. This must be spent on improving the provision of PE and sports within schools but Headteachers have the freedom to choose how they do this.

The focus for this year is to build on the success of last year’s mentoring and CPD, to continue to encourage our children to develop a sustained interest in sport, physical exercise and healthy living, and to continue to enhance general PE provision.

For 2014/15, we will allocate funding as follows:

Teacher Mentoring

Continuing to provide CPD for existing and new teachers to gain confidence in teaching a wide range of sports including athletics, dance, gymnastics, handball and some more unusual new sports.

Real PE Scheme of Work

Providing a new scheme of work for every year group, linked to the new PE curriculum, and providing training on how to use the new scheme of work.


This year the school will again contribute towards transport to and participation in festivals which will include the Wiltshire Schools Partnership KS1 Multiskills festival, Chippenham Games and the Quad Kids Festival run by Bath University.

Participation in these festivals is one way in which the school will promote the enjoyment of and encourage participation in competitive sports and other physical activities.

Lunchtime Sports Clubs

The school will continue to fund the provision of a professional coach who will deliver lunchtime sports clubs with one of our Teaching Assistants, two days a week

The aim of these clubs will be to:

  • increase participation in sport
  • promote positive attitudes towards healthy lifestyles
  • help to teach healthy life skills
  • share good practice with members of staff
  • provide opportunities for children who may be generally less physically active or who may not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in additional sporting or physical activity to do so.

Sports Day

Building on the success of last year’s Sports Day, we will be assisted again by a professional sports coach this year. As well as providing a competitive and inclusive sports day, there will be a focus on introducing new activities in which parents can also participate.

New Sports and PE Equipment

As we did last year, a proportion of the funding will be used to ensure that the school has sufficient quality sports equipment to sustain and improve the general quality of school PE provision.