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Primary School Sports Funding 2018/19

By Brook Valley Primary School Sports Funding Allocation for 2018/19 was £17,720. This had to be spent on improving the provision of PE and sports within schools but Headteachers have the freedom to choose how they do this.

The focus for this year was to build on the success of previous year’s mentoring and CPD, to continue to encourage our children to develop a sustained interest in sport, physical exercise and healthy living, and to continue to enhance general PE provision. The PE mentoring  focussed on improving teacher subject knowledge and skills in teaching a variety of sports developing children’s confidence and skills in these areas. Additionally, we attended more competitive festivals giving children the opportunity to compete against other schools and develop their love for sports.

For 2018/19, we allocated the funding as follows:

Item Amount (£) Impact
Chippenham Partnership of Schools Sports Network Annual Fee £3,300.00

Being part of Chippenham School Sports Partnership widens our participation in competitive sport against other schools.  It enables all year groups to attend a variety of sports activities and events including Young Ambassadors, Young Officials, Year 3 & 4 Christmas Run, Level 2 Netball Festival, KS1 &KS2 Multiskills, Tag Rugby Festival, Dance Festival, Chippenham Games and Level 2 Kwik Cricket Festival.

Planned Impact:

Children to participate in competitive sport

Children to take part in Physical Activities

To compete against other schools

To promote the enjoyment of taking part in sport


Up and Under Teacher Mentoring Sessions £4,445.00

Continue to provide CPD for existing and new teachers to gain confidence with teaching sports. This year we  focussed on improving the range of sports taught in our school including football, netball, and tennis.  

Planned Impact:

To develop teachers confidence in teaching sports

To develop teachers subject knowledge

Children to receive high quality PE lessons

Children to take part in and develop their skills in a range of sports and activities.

Up and Under Sports Day £120.00

Building on the success of previous year’s Sports Day, we were assisted again by a professional sports coach this year.

Planned Impact:

Provide competitive and inclusive sports for all children to take part in.

Develop children’s participation and enjoyment in sport.

Yoga Sessions £2340.00

Building on the success of last year’s yoga session. We wanted to continue to build children’s confidence with this new sport.  Teachers also developed confidence with teaching yoga.

Planned Impact:

Children to experience new fitness activities

Children to learn how to manage stress through breathing, awareness, meditation and healthy movements

Children to take part in non-competitive relaxing activities

Teachers to gain confidence with teaching yoga.

Transport to events £850.00

Coaches to Year 3 and 4 Christmas run, KS1 and KS2 Multi-skills, Tag Rugby, KS1 Wiltshire cricket festival and Chippenham Games

Planned Impact:

Children to participate in competitive sport

Children to take part in physical activities

To compete against other schools

To promote the enjoyment of taking part in sports.

Transport to swimming lessons and lifeguard £4,094.00

Coaches to swimming and lifeguard at the pool.

Young Officials Training £35.00

Children from KS2 attended football and netball young officials training.

Planned Impact:
Children to gain confidence and understand the rules of competitive sport

Children to be able to encourage and officiate competitive sport in the school environment

Young Ambassadors Training £50.00

Children from Year 6  attended young ambassadors training

Planned Impact:

Children to build their teamwork and leadership skills

Children to encourage physical activity in the playground

Children to train other Sport Leaders within the school environment to encourage games and activities in the playground
New Hi-Fi System £613.00

A new hi-fi system has been bought which is transportable. This is so dance lessons can happen in the hall, but also Wake and Shake outside.

Planned Impact:

Children to increase their daily active minutes by participating in Wake and Shake

Children to experience new fitness activities

PE Equipment £873.00

Continue to update and improve the PE equipment in the school.


Planned Impact:

To develop children’s participation in a range of sports

Children to have a range of equipment to use during PE lessons and lunchtime

Replace and extend PE equipment to enhance impacting of mentoring.

Healthy Heroes £1,000.00

UKS2 received Healthy Heroes lessons. These lessons focus on the whole child and how our diet, screen time, and lifestyle choices effect our health.

Planned Impact:
To develop children’s understanding on how to stay healthy

To boost children’s confidence and self-esteem

To encourage children to be active

TOTAL £17,720.00  

Swimming Data

In the academic year 2018/19, the percentage of our Year 6 cohort that have achieved the following criteria are as reported below:

swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres - 93.1%

use a range of strokes effectively - 93.1%

perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations - 93.1%