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Primary School Sports Funding 2019/20

By Brook Valley Primary School Sports Funding Allocation for 2019/20 was £17,930. This had to be spent on improving the provision of PE and sports within schools but Headteachers have the freedom to choose how they do this.

The focus for this year was to build on the success of previous year’s mentoring and CPD, to continue to encourage our children to develop a sustained interest in sport, physical exercise and healthy living, and to continue to enhance general PE provision. The PE mentoring focussed on improving teacher subject knowledge and skills in teaching a variety of sports developing children’s confidence and skills in these areas. Additionally, we attended competitive festivals giving children the opportunity to compete against other schools and develop their love for sports, as well as introducing intra-competition sessions in school to allow the development of positive competition. A lunch time club was also introduced to enhance the skills and interest to encourage an interest in physical activity and the personal skills that are used in sport.  

Due to Covid-19 and school closures, the whole budget was not able to be spent for the whole academic year. Due to this we are able to carry over the remaining funding from this year over to the next academic year. 

For 2019/20, we allocated the funding as follows:




Chippenham Partnership of Schools Sports Network annual fee



Being part of Chippenham partnership enabled us to participate in competitive sport against other schools. All children in years 1 – 6 attended at least one sports event. The events included: Year 3 and 4 Christmas run, Year 1 and 2 Footy for Fun, KS1 Multi-skills, Year 5 and 6 Tag Rugby Festival and Young Officials training. Other competitions and events would have been attendee but due to Covid-19 they were cancelled.


Children participated in competitive sport


Children took part in physical activities


Children competed against other schools


Children developed a new love for taking part in sports.

Up and Under teacher mentoring sessions



We continued to provide CPD for existing and new teachers to gain confidence in teaching sports. This year we are focused on improving the range of sports taught in our school. Sadly, some of these sessions were missed due to Covid-19 and school closures. 


Developed teachers’ confidence in teaching sports. 


Teachers were able to go on to lead sessions following mentoring.


Developed teacher’s subject knowledge


Children received high quality PE lessons


Children took part in and developed their skills in a wider range of sports and activities.

Up and Under lunchtime sessions


We introduced a new lunchtime club focusing on building confidence and skills within sport and games ran by the Up and Under coach. The children were chosen for this lunchtime club to enhance those who would benefit most from having extra input to develop their confidence, communication, teamwork and sportsmanship.


The children who participated improved their confidence and participation within sport and games. 


They developed sports skills to further progress their interest for physical activity and sport. 


The children were able to participate in a more focussed sporting activity, allowing them to benefit from smaller group sessions and coaching. 

Up and Under intra-competition sessions


This year intra-competition sessions were introduced for the whole school in terms 1 and 2. These were focused around the sports that the classes were developing in their PE Up and Under sessions. Key stages were grouped together to encourage intra-competition events. 


All year groups experienced intra-competition events. 


Children participated in competitive sport


Children took part in physical activities


Children developed a new love for taking part in sports and competition

Teachers coached in running intra-competition sessions

Yoga sessions


This year yoga was continued in our curriculum. The children developed an understanding of what yoga is and the teachers gained a deeper insight into how they teach yoga at primary level.


Children experienced fitness activities


Children have learned how to manage stress through breathing, awareness, meditation and healthy movements


Children took part in non-competitive relaxing activities


Teachers to gain confidence with teaching yoga


Children improved control and co-ordination


Children learnt about muscle groups and muscular control.

Transport to events


Coaches to Year 3 and 4 Christmas run, KS1 Multi-skills, KS1 Footy for Fun, Tag Rugby, Chippenham Games and KS2 multi skills.



Children to participate in competitive sports and events


Children took part in physical activity


Children competed against other schools


Promoted the enjoyment of sports and events

Transport to swimming and lifeguard


Coaches to swimming and lifeguard at the pool.


Young Officials Training


Children from KS2 attended football and netball young officials training.

Children gained confidence and understood the rules of competitive sport

Children to be able to encourage and officiate competitive sport in the school environment


Children developed their confidence and communication within sport and as young leaders.





(£5098.39 to carry over to next year)