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Week 1: 23 March 2020


Apologies everyone.  I have just seen that I had not uploaded the 'Five Minute Frenzy' sheets.  Fingers crossed they should now be on the Key Information page.  Please let me know if there any problems.

Hello everyone.  I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and did something nice for Mother's Day.

Here is your first weeks learning. I've already been able to talk to lots of you about this.  I hope it makes sense to everyone.  It is mainly going over things we have already done or finishing off work we have completed in class.

Please do not start the grammar book this week. I will set you pages sometimes.  This week there are some grammar sentences which I have uploaded on here for you.

I have added people to 'Getepic' if I had the email addresses.  If anyone else wants adding please let me know and I will do that for you.  

You all have my email address and can get in touch with questions or to share pictures of your work - I'd love to see what you are doing.  Keep the handwriting going!!

Have a good week.  Take care   

Mrs Henshall :-)