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Week 1 23.03.20

Thursday 26th March 2020

Good Morning Hawks,

It's been so lovely receiving your emails over the past few days, sharing your work and telling me what you've been up to. Your emails have made me smile and it's really important we keep in touch and help each other during this tricky time, we are all adjusting.

I'm super proud of you. You've;

  1. Shared positive outcomes in your learning. 
  2. Supported your families and shared your feelings with each other. It's okay to cry.
  3. Cooked. Baked. Prepared a family meal.
  4. Persevered with Joe Wicks. 
  5. Tuned into David Walliams ("Elevenses")    https//
  6. Been super fantastic on Times Tables Rockstars!
  7. Sketched and  painted rainbows.   #rainbowtrail 
  8. Underlined dates and titles. Joined up your handwriting in your workbooks.
  9. Written some lovely thoughtful letters to key workers.
  10. Completed "Can Do Maths Workouts."

You've done SO well with your first week of home learning. WELL DONE.

Continue to be kind to each other in your households and video call family and friends when you can to keep in touch.

Enjoy some sunshine and keep up with the great work. 

Mrs Willoughby


Tuesday 24th March 2020

Good afternoon Hawks. I hope you are managing to get on with your home learning. Well done to those of you who have logged onto times tables rockstars, some of you more than once. It's a good idea to follow a routine at home like we do in the classroom. Write yourself a timetable at the end of each day like we have on the whiteboard and map out your tasks for the next day. 

Did you know;


Elizabeth 1 - QUEEN OF ENGLAND


September 7, 1533


March 24, 1603 (aged 69)
Richmond, England
(Died on this day)

Maybe you could sketch her portrait in pencil.

Please note - there have been some amendments to the Can-Do Maths Work Out documents. I have attached the amended documents as Resource 9 and the answers as Resource 10.

Don't forget you can keep in touch or send me your work via email.

Remember to only say something if it is;





Keep learning and stay safe.

Mrs Willoughby


Sunday 22nd March 2020

Happy Mothering Sunday to all you Mums, I hope in these unprecedented times you are able to find some tranquillity in the Spring sunshine and enjoy some family time together.

"The hawk symbolizes the ability to use intuition and higher vision in order to complete tasks or make important decisions."

As you begin your Home Learning this week I want you to remember a few things. You’ve been a Hawk for SIX months. You’ve learnt valuable skills of encouragement, self-worth, team building, sharing and waiting your turn. You’ve learnt to do better and to do your BEST.  You’ve made a World Wide "difference" and you’ve grown and blossomed in character and nature. You are all special and unique and have beautiful kind hearts and personal qualities that are independent and rich.

USE these skills within yourselves, and use these to help you and your families. There will be good days, and days where you feel strong. There will be days when you are not feeling too strong. Persevere. 




AA Milne

DO your BEST:

  • Sharpened pencil (no pen)
  • Pencil crayon for illustrations and pictures
  • Underline dates and titles
  • Joined up handwriting
  • Push yourself to do one more or an extra sentence or an extension
  • ASK for help!
  • Share your work with me
  • Don’t be afraid to get it wrong
  • Practice makes perfect
  • LEARN all those X times tables
  • Spend time to do sketches or careful and detailed illustrations
  • Spread out your learning with regular breaks
  • Keep your minds and bodies healthy
  • Make a quiet clutter free space for your learning
  • Organise your day with a timetable
  • Drink plenty of water and have healthy snacks

You will find everything you need for Week 1  on the Hawks Class Home Learning document, and all the resources you need have been numbered 1-8. You will also find the Knowledge Organizers for RE, Science and Geography.

Be kind, stay safe and look after each other and your families. Enjoy your home learning this week!

Mrs Willoughby