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Week 2: 30 March 2020

Well done everyone.

From all the emails I can tell you all worked hard in week one - parents and children!

This week I have added more fractions work.  I have included a little explanation (Fractions guide) for you as you will be adding and subtracting fractions - something we worked on just before school closed.  I know you will remember how to do this with some practice.  There are also some more word problems for you to have a go at.

Spelling and Reading activities are on the Key Information page for you.  Try to pick different ones each time.

The science and the geography are exactly the same as these were quite big projects.  The QR codes are just to help with you research, you don't have to use these.  Maybe the books you have read on Getepic will help with your research.  

Some of you have used Getepic a lot - well done.  If anyone else wants me to add them just drop me an email and I will sort it or you.

Keep in touch, I love seeing your pictures.

Take care

Mrs H ;-)