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Week 2 (w/c 30.03.20)



I have attached a copy of the answers to the Cryptarithms sheets below. Don't worry if you are finding it tricky - it is definitely a challenge! This activity is a test of determination and perseverance as well as your maths skills! My advice would be to use trial and improvement and make sure you write down all of your working  in an organised way. You don't need to answer every question, you can choose 5-8 like we would normally do in a lesson. However, if you want to find all the answers then by all means go for it! 

If you head to the Key Information page I have added another Useful Links document. This has list of resources and links that have been shared with me by other teachers. They may come in handy for some of you.

Thanks to those of you who have kept me up to date with how you are getting on. I hope to hear from the rest of you soon. I'll make calls to any of you I haven't heard from on Friday. 

Take care, 

Miss Davies  


Hi guys, 

I've had a few emails asking questions about the writing task set this week. It is all based on 'The Lego Story' video. The link is on the resources document, but I'll post it here to make it easier. I'll also post the YouTube link to the same video, in case you'd rather watch it there. 

Hope you're all getting on well!

Miss Davies

The LEGO Story - How it all started - YouTube


Eagles and parents,

Well done for getting through the first week of working from home. This has been a big change for all of us. A big thank you to all family members who have supported and enabled Eagles to complete their school work - everyone is doing brilliantly :-)

 I am really proud of you all for getting on with your work and have enjoyed the emails and photos you have sent me. I hope to hear from you again this week and will respond as soon as I can. I will send another email to everyone on Wednesday to check you are all ok, please keep an eye out for it. 

This week's work is very similar to last week. The science and geography continues from last week, and I have put a little reminder about revising knowledge organisers too. The writing task is linked to a video about Lego. There is a link to the video in the resources document, but it can also be found on YouTube. There are a few extra maths activities this week if needed, and don't forget you can complete the SATS papers you took home at any point. Please only complete the pages of the CGP grammar book that I have set. If you go ahead and complete it all, there will be no further work set. 

Keep checking back here this week for the last chapter of Evie and the Animals, read by me!

Take care of each other,

Miss Davies