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Week 3

Week commencing 20/04/20


Thank you to everyone who has replied to my email today, it has been wonderful to hear how brilliantly you are getting on with this weeks home learning! It sounds as if the new MyMaths website has been a hit. I can log on and see how well you are doing so keep up the good work.

This weeks deliberate mistake of forgetting to upload the time capsule resource was spotted by an eagle eyed parent. I have added it below now. Thanks for letting me know, I am sure there will be more omissions next week and maybe I should think about giving prizes to those that spot them :)

Mrs Whiston 


I hope you have had a wonderful Easter with lots of chocolate and fun with your families? Are you ready to get back into a routine with some great learning? Lets go!

This term we are looking at a new history topic (The Romans) and a new science topic (Plants). We have also introduced an exciting new maths website called MyMaths. Your parents have been emailed instructions to get you started and I have set you work for week 3. I have chosen to recap number and place value knowledge. This won't be 'roots' learning (new knowledge), it will be 'leaves' activities (showing what you know). Take your time and read the questions carefully to make sure you fully understand what you need to do.

I will email your parents on Wednesday to check everything is ok and follow it up with a phone call on Friday if I haven't had a reply. If you have questions about any of the learning before then, please get in contact with me. I don't expect to receive copies of your work to mark but if you have anything you are proud of and would like to share then I would love to see it!

I am so proud of how brilliantly you have all adapted to this new learning environment. I wanted to share with you some websites incase you need some help to understand what is going on:

This website helps explain things for children -

This website might be useful for your parents -

I can't wait until we are all together again to hear all about your adventures during our time apart. 

Mrs Whiston