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Week 6: 11 May 2020

Hello Kites

I hope you have enjoyed the lovely weekend and did some fun things to celebrate VE Day with your families.

I have had some lovely photographs form some of you showing your celebrations.  Well done.

I hope you have all seen the video that the staff have made for you.  I had a lot of fun making my bit and will show you all the funny bits when we return to school.  I hope you enjoyed it and it made you smile :-)

This week I am attaching a link for you from Trevor,  He has done a special assembly for us.

It is nice to know that so many people are thinking about us and that we are all doing what we can to stay safe.

This week we will continue with the Tempest and we will also do some research about London when Shakespeare was living there.

I have had some answers for last week's riddle.  Lots of you thought it was A MAP.

Isla has sent us a riddle this week:

What has a bed but never sleeps, 

can run but never walks, 

and has a bank but no money?

Send in your answers

Have a great week and keep in touch 

Mrs Henshall