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Week 7: 18 May 2020

Hello Kites

This is our last week of home learning before you get a little break for a week and your parent's can have a rest from having to be your teacher!

We will continue with our Tempest learning and I would like you to watch the rest of the videos.  Wea re going to spend some tome thinking about the character pf Prospero in more detail.  Do you feel sorry for him?  Or do you think he is behaving unkindly?

There is also some different art for you this week - but not a particular artist.  I am looking forward to seeing these creations.

We had lots of answers to last week's riddles.

Isla's was a RIVER  and Oscar's was FOUR.

Well done to everyone got the answers right.  Oscar's certainly had everyone thinking.  It reminded me of the maths problem we had in class with cats and sacks and mice - we really overcomplicated it....or at least I did!!

Our riddle this week is from Owen:

What becomes wetter the more it dries?  Mmmmmm.... get your thinking caps on!

Well what an unusual term this has been.  I want you to know how very proud of you all I am.  You have worked extremely hard and I have loved seeing pictures of your learning and having emails from you, finding out how you have been getting on.  Hang in there just a week to do and then a break.

As always you know where I am.

Keep in touch so that I know you are safe and well and getting on ok.

Keep those smiles shining.

Mrs Henshall