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Week11: 22 June2020

Hello Kites

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend.

This week we are going to start a new unit of learning based on the Aztecs.  You will be able to build on your history and geography knowledge - finding out where the Aztecs cam from, how they lived and what they were famous for.

You are also going to do some DT work and some art.  This will be done over 2 weeks.  I would like you to send this work to me to so that I can see what you have done.

The Duchess of Cambridge did an assembly on Kindness.  Here is the link.

How have you been kind over the last few weeks?  How have people shown kindness to you?

Think about why it is important to be kind?

Try to do something kind each day this week - it can really make you feel good about yourself and makes others smile :-)

Have a great week and keep in touch.

Mrs Henshall  x